Lorraine Marie Badoy Shares Experience on How the Chinese Respect Pres. Rody Duterte

A concerned netizen and a known supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte, Lorraine Marie T. Badoy shared her experience during a meeting with some friends from the Chinese community as she noted that the Chinese were brimming with bullish good vibes about the Philippines impending economic prosperity under the leadership of Pres. Rody Duterte.

According to Badoy, someone's uncle was part of the 400 strong delegation and shared the views of the Chinese people in the recent visit of Pres. Rody Duterte that most mainstream media might not have shared with the public. Pres. Duterte was warmly welcomed by China and they even compared the red-carpet treatment of Pres. Duterte compared to an ordinary treatment of Pres. Obama.

It's not only the Chinese government and officials that welcomed warmly Pres. Duterte and the entire Philippine delegation but even ordinary Chinese people greeted warmly every Filipinos as if they were meeting for the first time their long-lost brothers.

The warm greetings and welcome by Pres. Duterte was way ahead compared to the treatment of the Chinese nationals to the Filipinos right after the Hong Kong hostage Crisis in Manila wherein Pres. Aquino failed to managed and even failed to apologized. Everything change right now under the administration of Pres. Rody Duterte.

Here's the Complete Story of Lorraine Badoy:

I had breakfast a few days ago with some friends from the Chinese community---entrepreneurs who, like the good businesspeople they are, have their fingers on the pulse of the nation. In other words, alam nila ang latest.

And it was so hard to get a word in edgewise because they were so excited about recent events in the country--specifically the recently concluded visit of the president to China.

All I did basically was listen to them -- it was unnecessary to prod them on. They were brimming with bullish good vibes about our country's impending economic prosperity and were stumbling over themselves explaining to me the nuances of the coup de grace that Rodrigo Duterte just delivered for country.

Someone’s uncle was part of the 400 strong delegation and shared with me a view of the recent China state visit that mainstream media might not have shared with you and it was about how warmly we were welcomed by China.

Barack Obama, the world’s most powerful man didn’t get the literal red carpet. Rody did.

And then the metaphorical red carpet treatment was lavished on our president –a banquet where no speeches were said, just a feast for a long lost Asian brother and where the only agenda was a warm welcome.

Yao Ming and a host of other top Chinese celebrities were invited to show the Philippine delegation just how much our president’s 180 degree turn in foreign policy means to them.

And it wasn't just the Chinese government that welcomed us with open arms but that the warmth was felt even in their encounters with ordinary Chinese citizens. "You're from the Philippines?", a taxi driver asked my friend’s uncle. And when he said yes, it was as if he were some long lost brother. And the usual gushing over our president.

Makes me remember the time I was in HK airport waiting for my connecting flight to NY and I got into a conversation with some Chinese nationals who all but spat out Noynoy Aquino’s name with venom. The hatred and bile was unmistakable for a president who didn’t have the ability to save Chinese nationals in the bumbled hostage rescue and then would not even apologize for it.

We have come so far. And in just a matter of months.

Aka the Rodrigo Duterte way.

Where before we had a most toxic bilateral relations with China and where we regarded each other with hostile suspicion, and where they looked down on us as a weak and inferior nation of maids they didn't have to treat well and banana sellers they could jerk around—a nation they couldn’t respect for being such a lapdog to the Americans, there now exists between us and them-- warmth, respect, and the desire to forge a stronger, mutually beneficial partnership.

The goodwill generated by this president, there is no price tag to.

Yes, the 25billion USD in soft loans and deals is an awesome snag--25 billion USD we badly need may I add. And since this president is no thief (what a RELIEF!), we can very well rest assured all that will go to where it ought to go, where he says it will go---to putting our country on high ground.

So yes, that 25billion USD deal the president brought home to us will very well push our country forward and it will generate jobs so that as few Filipinos as possible gets left behind. Construction, tourism, education and in the interim that we're still unable to bring home our OFWs, China has opened overseas jobs for Filipinos.

And yet that 25 billion USD is just the tip of the ice berg for us—this is what my friends, successful self made businesspeople said to me.

Already, flights to and from China have been increased, cultural exchanges are in the works. China has offered to train our athletes---at no extra cost to us.

And Scarborough Shoal is now free of Chinese guards and our fishermen have gone back to fishing there, undisturbed, unthreatened.

I’d like you to please read that 3 times – specially the walang modos who cursed at President Rodrigo Duterte and called him all sorts of awful names.

Our fishermen now cast their nets in peace.

The implications to the peace and stability in Asia that Rodrigo Duterte’s foul mouth and swaggering accomplished can never be underestimated.

Very simply, this man, our president, quite clearly may have prevented so much instability and maybe even war--not just in Asia but all over the world.

And the building of the huge military facility in Scarborough Shoal has now stopped. That facility they started to build in reaction to the pataasan ng ihi macho shit that Noynoy Aquino started and that a lot of you thought was a good thing to do.

How is starting a war you can't possibly win a good thing? How is WAR a good thing, for crying out loud?

So let’s do an audit on that ‘fuck you USA/Obama” of our president, shall we?

That FU that had all of us gasping for air and that had some of you face palming and making some of you so embarrassed to have such a president and that had the Western press and the elitistas denounce our president as a clown who was so in over his head, probinsyano!, a small town mayor who had no idea about geopolitics and international relations---well, so far this is what it's gotten us:

15-billion are in economic deals and 9-billion in soft loans.

And by all indications, just the start of an economic partnership with the world’s economic giant, China. Finally, a slice of the pie in the economic prosperity of the giant, China. A pie, by the way, that the US has been feasting over for some time now.

Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez disclosed that the $15 billion worth of investment projects signed were as follows:

Subic-Clark railway project by Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and China Harbour Engineering Co.
• Bonifacio Global City-Ninoy Aquino International Airport Segment of Metro Manila Bus Rapid Transit-EDSA project by BCDA and China Road and Bridge Corp.
• BCDA-China Fortune Land Real Estate project (memorandum of understanding);
• Safe and smart city projects for BCDA by BCDA and Huawei Technologies
• Transportation and logistics infrastructure at Sangley Point by Cavitex Holdings, International Container Terminal Services Inc. and China Harbour Engineering
• Joint venture agreement of Jimei Group of China and Expedition Construction Corp. for infrastructure projects
• North Negros biomass and South Negros biomass project by North Negros Biopower and Wuxi Huaguang Electric Power Engineering
• Globe Telecom projects to improve network quality and capacity
• Jin Jiang hotel room capacity expansion from 1,000 to 2,000 by Double Dragon Properties and Hotel of
Asia Inc.
• Joint development project on renewable energy by Columbus Capitana and China CAMC Engineering
• New Generation Steel Manufacturing Plant by Mannage Resources and SIIC Shanghai International Trade HK;
• Joint venture on steel plants by Global Ferronickel and Baiyin International
• Renewable energy projects by Xinjiang TBEA Sunoasis
• Davao coastline and port development project by Mega Harbor Port and Development and China Harbour Engineering;
• Manila Harbour Center reclamation by R-II Builders Inc. and China Harbour Engineering
• Cebu International and Bulk Terminal project by Mega Harbour Port and CCCC Dredging Company
• Cabling manufacturing facilities by MVP Global Infrastructure Group and Suli Grp Ltd.
• Manila EDSA Bus Transportation program by Phil State Group and Yangtse Motor group and Minmetals International
• Hybrid rice production by SL Agritech and Jiangsu Hongqi Seed Inc.
• Bus manufacturing facility by Zhuhai Bus and Coach Co.
• Banana plantation project by AVLB Asia Pacific and Shanghai Xinwo Agriculture Development Co.
• 300MW Pulangi-5 Hydro Project by Greenergy
Co. and Power China Guizhou Engineering Corp.
• Pasig River, Marikina River and Manggahan Floodway bridges construction project by Zonar Construct and SinoHydro;
• Ambal Simuay sub-river basin flood control project by One Whitebeach Land Development and Sino Hydro;
• Nationwide island provinces link bridges by Zonarsystems and PowerChina Sino Hydro; and
• Railway project (study) by MVP Global Infrastructure group and China Railway Engineering Corp.

An expected 2 million jobs will be generated in the next 5 years. Certainly not something to scoff at. Peace and stability in Asia where just about a year ago, hostilities were the order of the day with the giant, China, breathing down our necks.

As for the precious intangibles: international renown—and maybe even gratitude at the strategic swagger that thawed relations between us and China and the renegotiation of terms with the US. A renegotiation that was a long time coming and highly called for.

The diversification of ties with Japan, Sweden, Nederlands, Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia, for starters.

Peace and stability for the global community—most certainly with our Asian brothers and sisters.

The country that was seen and therefore treated as an American lapdog (because it truly was), one of the world’s top whipping boy, given no respect, harassed in international borders, made to form a different and separate line in international airports—suddenly this country, because of a president who truly believes we are more than what it is we’ve become, well, the world is taking a better, more respectful stance towards us.

As they should.

And our country, Inang Pilipinas, journeys further down the road to sovereignty.

So next time you haters decide to mouth your walang modo lines about our president, you might want to step back and think it through.

You are talking about a top rate political strategist.

Someone who is a joy to watch for the Grandmaster that he is. 

Source: Lorraine Marie T. Badoy FB Page

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