Truth About Claims by Netizens that Duterte's Largest Drug Rehab Facility is PNoy Project

President Rody Duterte's announcement about the country's largest drug rehabilitation facility in Nueva Ecija became one of the hottest topic for the past few days although it was not reported on national media and we are happy that we are one of those who broke the news on social media.

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Due to the popularity of the project for drug dependents, supporters of Pres. Rody Duterte were so glad with the project but some of his critics and obvious supporters of the previous administration claimed on Facebook that the project was started by Pres. Aquino during his term.

The claims by some Anti-Duterte supporters that the project was first initiated by Pres. Aquino during the previous administration are all FALSE claims. Just continue reading the article to get the facts straight.

Facts About the Drug Rehab Project:

Some netizens and supporters of Pres. Aquino believed that the project was one of the previous administration's previous project because of the news report posted previously by PhilStar, mentioning the P50.2 Billion Prison Facility to be constructed in Nueva Ecija.

Highlights of the PhilStar Article:
  • The P50.2 Billion Prison Facility is under PPP
  • The project would be awarded on June 29, 2016, a day before Pres. Aquino steps down and he was reluctant to sign the project.
  • The planned two-story facility will be constructed in three (3) years (up to 2019)
  • The Project is also located inside Fort Magsaysay, in Brgy. Nazareth, Laur, Nueva Ecija.

Facts About Duterte's Drug Rehab Facility:
  • The Mega Rehab Facility was constructed by virtue of Deed of Donation and the Philippine government only facilitated. No taxpayers money were used unlike the PPP project of Pres. PNoy.
  •  DOH Sec. Paulyn Ubial confirmed that the facility was donated by Chinese philanthropist Huang Rulon who had no business interest in the Philippines.
  • Sec. Ubial signed the Deed of Donation with the donor last July 2016.
  • Both Projects were located inside Fort Magsaysay, but the area is consists of thousands of hectares including some Barangays even a town and a small airport. 
  • There's is no way to divert the P50.2-Billion budget as it is allotted by the previous admin and Duterte's budget is still in deliberation in Congress and Senate. 
  • The project is constructed through Pre-Fabricated materials, that's the reason why the facility will be finished in just a few days of construction. 
CONCLUSION: The Rumors that the Mega Drug Project is not under Pres. Duterte are indeed FALSE. There's no way the Aquino Admin had something to do with the Project of Pres. Duterte.

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