Philippines to Acquire Russian-Made Helicopters Under Duterte Admin

The Philippines under the Duterte administration is set to acquire two Russian made helicopter worth between $12-17 million each as part of the country's plans to purchase sophisticated equipment from Russia under the Russia-Philippine military acquisition program.

Russia's MI17 Attack Helicopter
In a news report posted by the Manila Standard lately, an insider at the Foreign Affairs Department revealed that the Philippines is looking to purchase either two or MI17 or MI24 Choppers to improve the country's capability against possible internal and external threats.

The Manila Standard interviewed their source who was quoted saying "We are looking of purchasing two to four MI17 or MI24. This is in line with Pres. Rodrigo Duterte's focus is more on internal security than external," the source said, who asked for anonymity.

Armed MI17 Attack Chopper of Russia
 Aside from the sophisticated modern choppers from Russia, the Philippine government is also looking for the possibility of acquiring drones from Israel.

The heavily armored Russian helicopters which is used by various military forces not only in Asia but also among the allies of Russia in different parts of the world are designed to withstand any kind of weather and are said to be of low maintenance compared to its western counterpart.

The Russian choppers are also said to have defensive capabilities against portable surface-to-air attacks. The source added further that the Russian government offered a huge discounts for the purchase of the heavily armed choppers and they also offered an extended payment schemes which could be arranged by both governments.

Although there is no official confirmation yet from the Defense Department, Philippine Ambassador to Russia Carlos Sorreta said earlier that the Philippines is looking to buy military equipment and technology from Russia.

MI24 Transport and Attack Helicopter
Ambassador Sorreta also confirmed that the Russians and the Philippines have discussed possible cooperation on training; after-sales service and maintenance; transfer of technology; investment in domestic military production and servicing; and different modes of financing.

The talks between Russia and the Philippines developed after Pres. Rody Duterte met with Russian Ambassador Khovaev in Davao City a few days after the May 9, 2016 national elections. Ambassador Khovaev said he was impressed by Duterte during a “very productive” meeting where they discussed how to jump-start Philippine-Russian relations which officially started only in 1976.

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