Netizens Debunks Bias Headlines of Inquirer About Foreign Aid

One of the country's leading news media outlet often dubbed by Duterte supporters as "bias media" made an intriguing headlines that says "No foreign aid yet for victims of Supertyphoon ‘Lawin’" but contrary to the said report, netizens shared some press releases posted by various international aid groups who help the country recover from typhoon Lawin.

Inquirer reported that the reason why there's no foreign aid yet for super typhoon Lawin was due to the fact that the national government hasn't appealed for foreign assistance quoting the statement of Romina Marasigan, spokesperson for the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.

Some netizens debunks the Inquirer headline by stating their observations on Facebook, there's no truth that foreign aid are not present in the Philippines because even before the landfall of Bagyong Lawin, international aid groups like Oxfam, ILO, Islamic Relief and other international relief organization readied their relief assistance once needed by the government.

Based on the press release of Oxfam, they are ready to respond to super typhoon Haima in the Philipines. TearFund also posted on their website that a partner present in the affected area, and is is now liaising with the government and other NGOs to conduct a needs assessment and decide how best to respond.

Duterte supporters took photos of various international relief organizations giving relief to the victims of Bagyong Lawin while the other international organizations are conducting assessments on how they can help rebuild the communities affected.

Although the headlines of Inquirer was indeed intriguing particularly to those people who don't have access to social media but some netizens agreed with the headline released by Inquirer because the Philippines can stand alone and the international community now trusted the Philippine government under Pres. Rody Duterte.

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