Netizen Shares Proof that Pres. Duterte is Better than PNoy in Diplomacy

President Rody Duterte showcased his diplomatic skills in one of the most controversial issues between the Philippines and China as he was able to do something in just four months compared to the former President Aquino's failure with China.

During Pres. Rody Duterte's visit to China he clarified the issue with Beijing, particularly in the issue involving the Scarborough Shoal. Pres. Duterte noted that "We do not need war to get what we want," when asked about his stance with the Panatag Shoal issue.

In a recent news development, the Filipino fishermen reported that they are now allowed to fish at the disputed Scarborough (Panatag) Shoal which was also confirmed by the Malacanang Palace.

Watch the Video Report by GMA News:

A concerned netizen posted a meaningful statement on Facebook how President Rody Duterte was able to achieve such feat of convincing China to allow Filipino fishermen at the disputed area is gaining the rounds online.

According to Adolfo Mortera on Facebook, the President achieved something in just four months which is way better compared to Pres. Aquino's strategy for four years of trying dispute with China.

Read the Complete Statement of Adolfo Mortera:

Although PRRD and China's PM discussed the Scarborough shoal, there was no joint statement after their meeting, according to reports.

No statement "allowing" Filipino fishermen access to the Scarborough due to objection from Philippine panel.

But there was tacit agreement between the two leaders.

We now know several fishermen have cast their nets in the shoal today. Success!

And most importantly, the Chinese Coast guards are no longer around to block or chase them.
This could be the best modus vivendi under present circumstances.

China, without saying a word, recognizes Philippine rights over these waters, and that they are within our exclusive economic zone.

President Duterte didn't press the issue.

China saw it as a window to save face, and left Scarborough quietly and discreetly.
It's a win-win. But the biggest winners are our fishermen.

That's how I see it, and I pray it stays that way.

Postscript: President Duterte was able to clean up the Scarborough mess created by Aquino, within 4 months!

Source: Adolfo Mortera / GMA News

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