Sen. Cayetano and Sen. Trillanes "Verbal Clash" During Senate Hearing Went Viral

Two former allies in the Philippine Senate, Senators Antonio Trillanes and Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano clashed on Thursday during he senate hearing on extra-judicial killing over the testimony of a self-confessed assasin, who tagged Pres. Duterte as being behind some criminal acts in Davao City.

Watch the Verbal Clash Between Sen. Cayetano & Sen. Trillanes:

The "verbal clash" between Sen. Trillanes and Sen. Cayetano became an instant hit on social media as the video posted online went viral after most netizens questioned the credibility of the witness Edgar Matobato who was allegedly caugh lying on camera.

Before the verbal exchange between Sen. Trillanes and Sen. Cayetano, it was Sen. Leila de Lima, the chairwoman of the committee and Sen. Cayetano who were exchanging some ideas which turns into heated conversation. Sen. Cayetano asked the witness, Edgar Matobato, who would replace Duterte if the later was removed from office.

The witness could not immediately give an answer, so Sen. Cayetano questioned how the witness could remember all names he mentioned except that of Vice Pres. Leni Robredo.

Sen. Leila De Lima came to the rescue when the witness failed to answer some questions and took the mic to clarify some questions for the witness as if she was the witness lawyer, but Sen. Cayetano immediately cut off the senator and reminded her that she was not Matobato's lawyer.

“The record will speak for itself…Madam chair, you’re not his lawyer. You are the chairman of this committee,” Cayetano said.

Sen. Cayetano added further "You can interject but it’s within my rights Madam chair so may I plead with you, you brought the witness here, nagte-testify sya, I’m testing his credibility, I’m testing his motives. Can you just allow me to do it my way?"

Sen. Antonio Trillanes, one of Pres. Duterte's political enemies and was dubbed by Duterte supporters as an alleged LP attacked dog, questioned the lengthy questioning of Sen. Cayetano who slowly but surely caught the witness was giving a false statement. Sen. Trillanes moved t declare Sen. Cayetano out of order.

“I’d just like to inquire if there’s an ‘unli’ (unlimited) questioning allotted for a non-member of the committee? I believe we gave him more than an hour of a leeway for a non-member. That’s s a luxury…” Trillanes said, adding that he might be forced to move to declare Cayetano out of order for consuming the time of the committee.

And when Cayetano insisted on continuing his questioning to the witness, Trillanes made his motion official to declare his colleague out of order.

Due to the "verbal clash" between Sen. Cayetano and Sen. Trillanes who was supported clearly by Sen. De Lima, some netizens were quick to post their comments on social media as they noted that the senate hearing is not for EJK but to pin down the Philippine President.

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