Pres. Duterte Reminds the US of the Bud Dajo Massacre in Jolo

The first President from the island of Mindanao, Pres. Rody Duterte reminded the United States of America for not giving an apology to the Philippines for its atrocities in Mindanao when at least 600 Moro people were killed in the US' pacification campaign.

During a press conference before leaving to Laos for the ASEAN Summit, Pres. Duterte spewed out a tirade of historical extra-judicial killings (EJKs) with US Pres. Barack Obama.

The statement of Pres. Duterte was tackled when some reporters asked the President about the possible topic of EJK on the Pres. scheduled meeting with the US President.

Pres. Duterte told the press that "Who is he? When as a matter of fact at the turn of the century, before the Americans left, the Philippines, in the pacification campaign of the Moro in this island, there were around 6M ang population ng Moro, how many died? Six hundred. If you can answer this question and give an apology, I will answer him,” Duterte said.

Pres. Duterte was referring to the Battle of Bud Dajo during the year 1906 in the island of Jolo. On March 5, 1906, when a certain US commander Woods ordered his officers to gather 800 of his men from the 6th and 19th Infantry, the 4th Cavalry, the 28th Artillery Battery, the Sulu Constabulary, and sailors from the gunboat Pampanga, led by Colonel Duncan to Jolo.

The Americans were armed with mountain guns, rifles, bayonets, fast-firing pistols and grenades while the Moro people who sought refuge in Bud Dajo were only armed with kris, barongs, and spears. The American attacked ended by March 7, 1906 with not one Moro standing, women and children among them.

Pres. Duterte explained further that "The PH is not a vassal state, we have long ceased to be a colony of the US. Alam mo, maraming diyang mga columnista they look upon Obama and the US as we are the lapdogs of this country. I do not respond to anybody but to the people of the Republic of the Philippines. Wala akong pakialam sa kanya. Who is he to confront me, as a matter of fact, America has one too many to answer for the misdeeds in this country," Duterte said.

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