Atty. Rivera Urges Mayor Duterte's Critics to Let Him Served as President First

One of the most avid supporter of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte during the presidential campaign of the former mayor from Davao City released a very interesting "Open Letter" to all the critics of the Duterte administration. According to the veteran San Beda lawyer, let Pres. Duterte proved his worth before criticizing his decision.

The open letter of Atty. Rivera centered on the following statement that says "Pwede bang maghintay muna kayo na makaupo at magkalat si President Digong bago kayo magtalak at sisihin kami.”

Atty. Rivera also admitted on his open letter to critics of Mayor Duterte that he was also a former supporter of President Aquino but his expectations failed after numerous incidents that involved the national government's handling of various issues.

To know more about the Open Letter of Atty. Bruce Rivera, just read his statement below:


When Mar Roxas gave way for BS Aquino to be President in the 2010 Elections, I actually was sad. Mar was a better choice then. Gibo was even the best choice. Sadly, many people wanted BS. And we got BS.

However, if you will look at my posts 6 years before, I never criticized PNoy. And you know how outspoken and unafraid I am about my beliefs and the people I disdain. I already saw how unqualified he was but I did not preempt his failures. I allowed history to judge him. And then things started to unfold. The bus hostage fiasco, the Yolanda, the pork barrel, his kabarilan buddies slowly screwing up, the DAP, the SAF 44, his unstatesmanlike behaviour and much much more. In short, when I cried while President Cory was being buried, a small part of me was saying..."shit, BS will become President!!!!" The rest is history.

But those who did not vote for him never blamed the 14 million voters who voted for him. And he did screw us. I was skeptical but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. After all, I was a huge fan of Forrest Gump. I wanted him to prove me wrong even if all he could muster to tell me in all his SONA was, "kasalanan ni GMA".

So, when skeptics and haters of Mayor Duterte have already been spewing invectives even before he has assumed office and already blaming those who voted for him, let me beg:

"Pwede bang maghintay muna kayo na makaupo at magkalat si President Digong bago kayo magtalak at sisihin kami."

Yes, you have the freedom of expression but you do not have the right to blame us for a sin you think is going to happen. Hindi po yan freedom of expression. That is an abuse of right because you have already blamed us for something that has not happened. You are not even sure it will happen. And you will say, we are doomed and the 16 million are to be blamed.

Pinarusahan niyo na agad kami. Is that freedom of expression or is that utter disrespect for the voice of the majority. You can criticize President Duterte but wait for him to make the mistake first and not only based on his rhetorics.

He made a statement about journalists who were murdered because they were corrupt and most of you cried suppression of press freedom. Teka, may namatay na bang journalist sa kanyang administrasyon as President? Wala pa naman, di ba? Si PNoy pa ang kuyugin niyo. Kung pag-upo niya at sampung journalist agad ang namatay, magrally tayo. Sasama ako.

Duterte said he has not promised a cabinet post for Leni and many are crying foul. Tekaaaaa????? Hindi ba nabigyan. Final na ba? Wala pa naman. Of course, Duterte has to be careful. He cannot promise Leni a post because the BBM side are still contesting the results at kaibigan niya si BBM. Saan ang mali dun?

And if ever Leni does not get a post, Duterte is not obliged by the 1987 Constitution to give a cabinet post to his VP. GMA did not give VP Noli de Castro cabinet portfolio and it was understandable. GMA was a member of the Cabinet of Erap and perhaps, the fact she was in the inner circle was the nail in the coffin of the Estrada presidency. PNoy gave VP BInay a very minor role in his cabinet and later on forced him out despite Binay's qualification as an administrator and as a lawyer. Kahit naman ako, bakit ko hahayaan na makapasok sa bahay ko ang isang tao na pwede akong saksakin sa likod. Masakit matira sa likod. Treachery is painful.

I am not saying that VP Leni is a traitor. I am simply saying, it is normal to be cautious and as President-elect, it is within his ambit of discretion. My friends who did not vote for Duterte, you have the right to criticize. But to criticize before the fact is not constructive criticism. It is called whining.

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera
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