Brilliant Response of Aris Aguirre on Allegations that Filipinos Will Suffer Under Duterte Presidency

A concerned Filipino citizen who is now living in the United States, Aris Aguirre, made a very interesting and brilliant response against the detractors of Mayor Duterte on their latest attack pertaining to the future of the Philippines once the Philippines will severe ties with the United States is making the rounds online.

This Viral Meme is Circulating Online but Aris Aguirre's Response will Surely Add More Supporters to Mayor Duterte
Aris Aguirre, the son of Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre believes that the accusations by some Anti-Duterte fanatics that Filipinos could lose its jobs particularly the BPO businesses and other investments in the country will never happen once Mayor Duterte wins the presidency.

The fears of some Filipinos that China will invade the Philippines once we severe ties with the powerful United States will never happen because only the non-supporters of Mayor Duterte and the bias Philippine media gives malice to the issue.

To know the complete story of how Aris Aguirre silenced the Anti-Duterte attackers, just keep on reading his brilliant response below:

When I read some posts like “Paano yan pag nawala ang Amerika sasakupin na tayo ng China?” Paano yung BPO business and other investments ng ibang bansa mawawala?” It makes me cringe. Okay lang kayo? First, I do not believe that would happen. The issue is too petty! 

We are the brink of war with China, we have coast guard and Navy ships patrolling the Spratlys, and there were incidents that we were harassed by the Chinese. There were also unpleasant exchanges of words by both sides in local and international media, but did we cut ties with China? Besides, CM Duterte’s statement was, “IF THEY WANT to sever ties with us go ahead”. 

The other camps just made a spin and add malice on the issue. Second, I believe the US is our ally BUT remember they are also a CAPITALIST COUNTRY. Their move is always strategic and well calculated. I compare the POTUS to a head of a company, a right thinking CEO will always base his decisions to its company’s benefit. Aside from the friendship, the other thing the Philippines can offer to the US is our strategic location in case WWIII erupts. Can you believe that? 

We are going to be the pawns in case a war breaks out! Mind you, With or without the US we will be the FIRST TARGET of China and that is a sad reality. The two main reasons are, we have a territorial dispute with them and we have a weak armed forces. 

To tell you frankly, US is not prepared to go to war, the economy is not in A1 condition and besides they benefit from China more than from us. I’ve been here in the US for 10 years and I barely hear in the evening news and read on the papers about our territorial dispute with China. It means, the US will have a hard time selling that idea to its citizens, that they need to go to war to defend the Philippines. Majority of the Americans do not want war anymore. 

Filipinos have the illusion that the US military will be all out in our rift with China because of the warships and submarines that are stationed in the disputed islands. The reality is they just want their presence to be felt in the Pacific and that’s it. 

Lastly, I would rather choose a leader that has an independent mind and truly believes that we are a sovereign nation and NO other country can meddle with our internal affairs than a leader that promotes dependence from foreign countries and welcomes the statements from diplomats just because it helps their campaign! For me that is a very unpatriotic and pathetic candidate!

FYI: The father of Aris Aguirre is Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre II (counsel for Mayor Duterte and Sen. Lacson and other prominent personalities). Atty. Vitalinao Aguirre II is the number one graduate of the San Beda Law Class of 1971. 

The San Beda Law Class 1971 had a powerhouse list of graduates which includes 2 Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, 2 Court of Appeals Justices, 1 Sandiganbayan Justice, at least 10 RTC Judges, Elective and Appointive government officials and some well-known personalities such as former presidentiables Roy Seneres.and Francisco "Nick" Acosta (President, SBCLAA).

Atty. Aguirre made headlines on national media when he cupped his ears to the chagrin of the Corona impeachment court while Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago was speaking. 
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