UMass guard Derrick Gordon admits his gay; first in the NCAA

Jason Collins is the first openly gay in the NBA and in a major sports league in the US. 

Because of his admission, more players are inspired to let their personality be known in a sports considered as for the men only before.

And Massachusetts guard Derrick Gordon has become the first openly gay player in men's college basketball, less than two weeks after coming out as gay to his family and teammates.

Admitting his gay

Kate Fagan of reports Gordon decided to go public with his decision to ease the pressure on him as both a player and a person.

Gordon follows in the footsteps of the NBA player Collins, WNBA player Brittney Griner and NFL draft prospect Michael Sam—active athletes who have made the same declaration.

Gordon forged a bond with former NFL player Wade Davis of the You Can Play Project, who introduced him to other members of the LGBT community, including Collins. They served as mentors in his quest to feel comfortable with publicly acknowledging his sexuality.

Shortly after the Minutemen were eliminated from the NCAA tournament by Tennessee in the second round, Gordon made the choice to move forward.

 He said, via Fagan:

"I was thinking about summer plans and just being around my teammates and how it was going to be. I just thought, "Why not now? Why not do it in the offseason when it's the perfect time to let my teammates know and everybody know my sexuality."

Fagan's report notes that Gordon started by informing his family. Although certain members of the group, most notably his father and twin brother, were more hesitant to provide support, they eventually gave him some words of encouragement.

Gordon also admitted he would talk about a long-distance girlfriend in order to fit in around teammates, which added another dynamic when he got in front of the team to tell them the news.

"I don't want to hide in front of my parents or relatives or anybody now," he said. "I want to be myself, be who I am, around everybody."

With the help of head coach Derek Kellogg, he told his teammates and received universal support. Kellogg would later note it was a quick meeting because of the immediate positive reaction.

Gordon concluded by stating he was happy to have the burden of hiding the truth lifted and was hoping for support as he played across the country.

Although Gordon isn't the first active athlete to come out, he can count himself among the select few brave enough to stand up for their true self.

Coming out publicly as gay remains a trend that's been slow to pick up steam in the sports community, but Gordon is the latest to show that times are changing. In the future, we will likely reach a point where such an announcement barely causes a blip on the radar as opposed to being major news.

And all you gonna do as a basketball fan is to support their decisions who is definitely not a universal sin.

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