Meralco import Brian Butch says "it’s the life of an import" after rumors continue to swirl on him being replaced

Meralco Bolts import Brian Butch is quietly putting up big numbers and is the main reason why Meralco has a 3-2 win-loss record  in the PLDT Home TVolution Commissioner’s Cup.

Butch racked up two 40-plus points and 20-plus rebounds in their last two victories.

The "Polar Bear" had 40 points and 24 rebounds two games ago in a win against GlobalPort and after a dismal 16-point performance in a humiliating 91-66 loss to Talk 'N Text, he  followed it up with 40 and 31 on Sunday night's 109-98 come from behind  victory over the Air 21 Express.

Jackson's in the wing as a replacement to Butch?

But even with that, rumors continued to swirl around the league that the Bolts are considering replacing him, flying in prospect Darnell Jackson this past week.

Butch, however, is ready for whatever decision Meralco makes.

“One thing that players must understand is that it can be taken away from you very quickly whether it’s injury or decision,” Butch told in an exclusive interview.

“It’s the life of an import. I just take it that everyday that I’m here is a blessing. I’m gonna continue to play hard and worry things only that I can control. I’m an import, I never know what’s going on.”

Meralco team captain Jared Dillinger gave a vote of confidence for Butch, who has led the Bolts to a 3-2 start in the conference.

“He’s a winner. He’s a good locker room guy, he talks to everyone. He wants to win and that rubs off on everyone,” said Dillinger.

“Everyone has a good attitude. When losing, we always kept that positivity. He really developed a relationship with everyone of us and he really badly wants to stay here. You can tell that with his actions on the court because he’s a winner. There’s not much more to say about the guy.”

Butch, for his part, added that his bond with his teammates is strong.

“I know my teammates love me. I know I love them. The connection that we’ve made in just three weeks was amazing,” he said.

“I think that’s one big reason why you need to pull this game out. You need to be close as a team to win and to win championships.”

But with his job on the line even after 40-20 and 40-30 performances, would a 40-40 be the next step?

“I might have to. If that’s what it takes,” said Butch in jest.

Turning serious, Butch said that winning would be the best way to secure his stint with the squad.

“I know that in the end, it always helps to win. I knew it from the start, a nine-game elimination round is quick. We needed to win a lot of games. We need to win games,” said Butch.

“I don’t worry about the other stuff. This is my job. This provides for my family. I feel that I’m playing well enough that I can provide for my family, but that’s not in my control.”

But for Butch, just getting the chance to play in the basketball-mad country is blessing enough.

“I love the Philippines, I love the people, I love the basketball here. I want to be here longer and I hope I can be here longer because the people are amazing, the country is amazing, the basketball is awesome and the PBA fans are the most energetic and exciting group of fans. They’re also the most knowledgeable group of fans that I’ve ever been around. It’s an honor to be here,” he added.

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Meralco import Brian Butch says "it’s the life of an import" after rumors continue to swirl on him being replaced Meralco import Brian Butch says "it’s the life of an import" after rumors continue to swirl on him being replaced Reviewed by Jay-R Bayon-on on 3/24/2014 Rating: 5

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