Dr. Nathaniel Cruz Comedy Video Wins "America Meet World" Contest

A Filipino doctor by profession, Dr. Nathaniel Cruz was declared as the winner of the recently concluded "America Meet World" comedy video competition after his entry titled "Junjun: The Social Media Savvy Beggar (Episode 1 Hunger)" bested 137 other entries from 20 countries.

Watch the winning video of Nathaniel Cruz:

The success of Nathaniel Cruz came after a back-to-back recognition given to Filipinos in the past few months, which includes the historical win of Rose "Osang" Fostanes in X Factor Israel, and Michael Christina Martinez participation in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, the first by a tropical country.

The Filipino Doctor, Nathaniel Cruz had a stiff competition against some of the world's most popular comedian particularly the entry from South African Nik Rabinowitz, but Dr. Cruz was able to capture the title, at one point, the Filipino comedian led by just 2,000 online votes.

The winning skits of Dr. Cruz featured himself as a beggar who was begging for food but more interested in Facebook Likes than satisfying his hunger. The video "Junjun" boasts a 99% funny rating, with over 14,284 votes.

Meanwhile the South African comedian Nik Rabinowitz captured the runner-up finish to Nathaniel Cruz in the comedy video competition. In the official website of the "America Meet World" they posted the following message: "Congratulations to our first ever America Meet World Winner, Nathaniel Cruz! Nathaniel is a Doctor and comedian from the Philippines," the competition's website announced.

As a winner of the first ever competition, Nathaniel Cruz will avail of a trip to New York City to meet the award-winning producers of the US comedy news program "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart."

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