Must Watch: Former Pres. Rody Duterte Mob by Mall Goers at Abreeza Mall

Former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte made a surprise visit at the famous Abreeza Mall and mobbed by mall-goers who wanted to take a selfie with the President. 

The former Mayor of Davao City turned President of the Republic got the chance to go sight-seeing and malling among mall goers at Abreeza Mall on J.P. Laurel Street, in Davao City on Saturday July 16, 2022. 

Excited shoppers who were residents of the city and nearby localites took their chances to meet the Ex-President amidst shopping rush hour. 

According to a mall goer who happened to took a selfie with the President, the rockstar former leader PRRD brought a pair of shoes at Abreeza Mall and granted some lucky supporters' request for selfie pics. 

The mall-goer even noted that there's indeed some changes in the physical appearance of Duterte which she stated that the President is now having a clear face maybe due to having enough rest and sleep for the past two weeks. 

According to mall-goer Tisonette Piquero she spotted the former President roaming around the mall and shopping and despite tight security, she said, Duterte warmingly granted her request for a selfie "Very approachable gihapon siya, and all smiling" Piquero said. 

Back in the days when Duterte was still Davao city's Mayor, he usually go on suprise visit to malls, restaurants, hospitals, passenger terminals and other public places to ensure over-all security measures implemented by respective government agencies. 

Residents of Davao City sometimes sees the ex-President eating his favorite meal at a roadside eatery before going home to his residence. 

Ex-President Duterte, since finishing his term on June 30, 2022, he is back to his comfort zone now, being an ordinary law-abiding citizen like the rest of DavaoeƱos in Davao City.

Watch Ex-Pres. Duterte's Video at Abreeza Mall:

Source: Facebook 

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