Manny Piñol Suggests 4PS Grants Converted Into Livelihood Funding (Naging Tamad ang Pinoy)

Former Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol, one of the most vocal critic of the DSWD's Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4PS) suggests that the P70 billion annual spending of 4PS be converted into livelihood programs of the Department of Agriculture. 

The former Governor of North Cotabato and veteran journalist believed that it is better for the government to stop the monetary grants given to all the 4PS beneficiaries. 

In a statement, the former Agriculture Secretary stated that instead of giving away billions of pesos from government coffers, it is a good idea for the government to convert the billions of funds from DSWD to any "livelihood funding" to improve the estate of agriculture in the country. 

"I'm the most vocal critic of this program of the government. [It] is spending P70 billion annually [for 4PS], which is bigger than the budget of the Department of Agriculture," Piñol stated. 

"In fact, what I am saying is the 4Ps could be another program that could contribute to agricultural productivity if used properly. Instead of giving in forms dole-out every month, why don't we start a livelihood program using that money?" Manny added. 

According to the former Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol the system used by 4Ps is one of the reasons why some of its poor beneficiaries remains dull or not willing to work for a living because they believe that there will come a monthly stipend for them through the program. 

"People are not working anymore, and they are just waiting for their allowances. In fact, for years the 4Ps did not result in anything. Worse, the work force in the agriculture sector has been reduced because of it," Piñol stated in an interview with a local news media outlet. 

The former Governor and veteran farmer turned Agriculture Secretary also believed that the 4Ps program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development is being used in politics particularly during the election period both local and national. 

Netizens also echoed the sentiments of Manny Piñol as they also shared their comments and reactions on the statement released by the former Agriculture Secretary regarding the controversial Pantawid program of the national government. 

Read Some of the Comments from Netizens:

Rodulfo Doydoy: Tama po kayo sir Manny Piñol. 

San Galero: Tama wala nang gusto mag tanim nang palay sa amin. ni gulay wala narin gusto magtanim. 

Tess Ator: I agree, nagiging tamad ang ibang tao. dahil alam nila na may dadating na pera sa kanila kahit hindi sila magtrabaho. 

Charo Kilayco: Maybe some of that observation is true! BUT there were beneficiaries that is grateful for that program coz their children had graduated from hi skul to college and find a job that has help their family to grow!

Bongbong Aggabao: Tama po sir Manny naging tamad na sila may inaasahan sila pera monthly dapat turuan sila mgtrabaho.

Source: Manny Piñol FB Page

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