Jay Sonza Slams Mrs. George Clooney for Defending Maria Ressa

Retire journalist and veteran political analyst Jay Sonza slammed the wife of famous actor George Cloone, Amal Clooney for defending Maria Ressa in the international press without even examining the real side of the story here in the Philippines. 

Jay Sonza condemned Mrs. George Clooney for her actions against the Philippine government and the country's justice system. 

Amal Clooney, the Lebanese-British barrister who specialized in international law and human rights criticized and questions the cyber libel convictions of Maria Ressa. 

In a statement released to the international press, Amal Clooney stated the following:

"Maria (Ressa) became the first Filipino Nobel Laureate in recognition of her work. She should be celebrated-not thrown in jail - for it... I hope the new administration will show the world that it is strong enough to withstand scrutiny and allow a free press."

Jay Sonza, a well-known journalist and supporter of both Pres. Rody Duterte and Pres. Bongbong Marcos started his tongue lashing against Amal Clooney by asking who the hell she is?

The journalist-turned farmer said that Amal Clooney, a foreigner, have clearly no business meddling in local politics in our country. Sonza even said that the wife of Hollywood actor George Clooney is ignorant of our Philippine laws and our courts. 

Jay Sonza also believed that what Amal Clooney said is not just an insult to the President, the Philippine justice system but also to the Filipino people as a whole. 

The veteran TV Host lectured Amal Clooney as he reminded the international lawyer that Filipinos don't allow foreigners ignorant of our system and our laws to bully us. 

Jay Sonza ended his tirade against Mrs. George Clooney, a known supporter of Maria Ressa, by swearing not to commit the same mistakes of the PCOO in the immediate past whem he said hid in his cave when he should have been out there aggressively debunking the lie spread by critics of the Duterte administration in the international community. 

Read the Complete Post of Jay Sonza:


Who the hell are you? Who do you think you are? 

You are not a Filipino and you have no business meddling with the internal affairs of a sovereign state and the Philippine judicial system. You are an ignorant of our laws and our courts. 

What you said is an affront not just to the President and the Philippine justice system, but the Filipino people. We do not allow any foreigner ignorant of our system and laws to bully us.

We will not commit the same mistake made by the immediate past PCOO which nonchalantly remained inside its cave when it should have been out there aggressively debunking the lies spread by the likes of Maria Ressa and company in the international community.

Netizens also joined the conversation as they shared their sentiments against the international laywer, Atty. Amal Clooney.

Here's Some of the Comments on Facebook:

Arthur Brodeth: Let us make a petition to the government to declare this person persona non grata in the country!

Jacques Zialcita: Thank you sir. I hate it when foreigners intervene in our internal affairs.

Medy Behesti: Thank you Sir Jay.

Many wants to say the same po. Sino ba siya talaga?

Jo Yh: Swerte nya hindi na si PRRD ang presidente kundi lalamon cya ng mura kht babae pa cya.wala na yatang kliyente sa amerika kaya nkikisawsaw na sa isyu ng pilipinas.

Dol Bello: Isn't Maria Ressa a foreigner? Indonesian I think. Not of filipino descent. Let us just deport her.

Cecile Roma: Pakialaman nya ang bansa nyang Lebanon matindi ang corruption doon

ZSigrid Sen-Stephens: She can start with the atrocities to women in most Middle East countries since she came from one. Oh wait, she’s privileged enough to get out of Lebanon , so she can’t really relate 

Sonia Aldon: What kind of people you are, it seems look like a mushroom ,meddling the Filipino problem, Please if you not having a job,you better solve the problem of Asean Harers in America, you have done nothing

Source: Jay Sonza FB Page

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