Alex Gonzaga Got Cancelled for Flashing Pro-BBM "V-Sign" But Lauded by DDS & Pro-Marcos

Celebrity vlogger and TV personality Alex Gonzaga became the latest victim of the so-called "Cancelled Culture" of the Pinklawans but she was lauded by both the DDS and the Pro-Marcos supporters on social media. 

Based on the latest social media post of Alex Gonzaga, she was seen on social media flashing a "V Sign" while a smiling Sen. Bongbong Marcos next to her has been drawing mixed reactions on social media. 

The veteran TV host and one of the country's most popular vlogger today, Alex Gonzaga experience the what we called as the cancel culture of the Pinklawans or Dilawans. 

Cancel culture simply means that the supporters of VP Leni Robredo will try their best to cancel or banned anybody who are not supporting the candidacy of VP Leni particularly on social media. 

Supporters of the actress who are Pro-Robredo were apparently disappointed and are now calling on fellow Dilawans who are subscribers of the vlogger and actress to unsubscribe. 

Some supporters of Alex Gonzaga even call for the boycott of all the products that the actress endorsed. 

According to Twitter user Registered Nurse she will start to unfollow Alex Gonzaga just because she's a BBM and will unpatronize everything that Alex was endorsing. 

Twitter user @robismore even challenge Alex Gonzaga to retweet posts from BBM supporters. The Twitter user even accused Alex Gonzaga of just using VP Leni for her YouTube content. 

Meanwhile, on Facebook, Alex Gonzaga became more and more popular for her decision of supporting the candidacy of former Sen. Bongbong Marcos and running-mate Mayor Inday Sara Duterte. 

On Facebook, Alex Gonzaga won the battle against the cancelled culture of the Pinklawans as she has been heaped with praises for showing support to BBM. 

Read Some of the Praises Intended for Alex Gonzaga:

Itong yong mga artista na may paninindigan, makadyos, makabayan at higit sa lahat may malasakit sa kapwa at sa bansa. Simple naman ang answer kung bakit, walang namumuong galit sa mga puso nila at tanging pangangaral ng panginoon ang gabay sa kanilang ginintoang ugali... mabuhay po kayong lahat... BBM-SARA uniteam. 

Oh I thought maka-Leni si Alex. Well maybe she's just really open to all presidentiables. But I'm really happy to see these. I've been a fan of the Gonzaga family since nagvlog si Alex. So happy to know may celebrities pa palang iba ang sinusuportahan. 

love ko na si alex gonzaga hindi talaga ako fan ng mga artista ng abs cbn..

Ay wow grabi ang tuwa ko makita kayo kasama ang gonzaga.. at si paul. 

Source: Facebook 

Alex Gonzaga Got Cancelled for Flashing Pro-BBM "V-Sign" But Lauded by DDS & Pro-Marcos Alex Gonzaga Got Cancelled for Flashing Pro-BBM "V-Sign" But Lauded by DDS & Pro-Marcos Reviewed by Phil Newsome on December 18, 2021 Rating: 5
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