Video Showing VP Leni Forgetting Bills She Filed Went Viral

A controversial video is now circulating online showing how the Vice President of the Philippines, VP Leni Robredo forgot the bills she passed is now circulating online causing some doubts on the abilities of the lawmaker. 

In an interview with some media personalities, VP Leni Robredo recalled some of the bills she passed during her stint as Congresswoman representing her home province. 

VP Leni stated that "Dalawa sa finile kung batas ay yong, yung pinakauna kong finile ay... uhmm.... nakalimutan ko yong title... yung pinaka-una kung finile ay... ahhhhhh...." that's what VP Leni stated forgetting the bills she filed. 

Netizens questions the credibility of VP Leni in leading the country, how can she forget what she filed, if there are only two bills to remember. 

Watch the Viral Video:

Due to the said controversial video of VP Leni forgetting the bills she filed, Bicolano blogger Edwin Jamora who originally posted the video raised some questions to the Vice President. 

According to Edwin Jamora if VP Leni genuinely worked and understand the bills that she filed, there's really no reason to forget them, now is this a sign of a good leader? Jamora asked. 

The video of VP Leni forgetting the bills she filed during her term as congresswoman was also brought to life anew in the latest social media post presented by veteran lawyer, Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles. 

According to Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles, she expressed her apprehension with regards to what VP Leni's presidency would be after she was caught in an awkward situation-forgetting something while answering a question from the press. 

On Facebook, Atty. Angeles posted "She forgot the first bill she filed. She forgets her law. What if she represents the country and forgets the agenda? WE DESERVE BETTER."

Netizens also reacted with the controversial viral video of VP Leni Robredo forgeting something she should be more knowledgeable about because she was the one who authored the bill. 

Read Some of the Comments from Netizens:

Jonavel Yrogirog: Or forgets that she represents the Philippines! Oh wait. She does that all the time.

Ah Mee Cat: She forgot because she has probably not filed any.

Alex Oreo: She will forget us all if she become the president...may amnesia eh....

Ana Lebetania: That's why she is not doing her duty, she forgot that she is the VP of the Philippines.

Aseret Lagria: She forgot? Then it could be she was not the one who wrote that bill

Ronnie Del Rosario: What a pity. She must realized that she is being used by this oligarchs. Poor lady WAKE UP & WITHDRAW before its too late. Our country deserves much better Leader.

Philip Alva: looks like her staff made those bills for her... something that she can't explain even if she forgot the title.

Source: Atty. Angeles FB Page

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