VP Leni's First Economic Policy to Stop the Pandemic Draws Criticisms

The Vice President of the Philippines, VP Leni Robredo, the leading contender of the opposition made some headlines anew on social media after she revealed her first economic policy once elected as President of the Republic. 

In an interview with some media, VP Leni was asked about her economic policies. 

According to a male reporter, If elected as President what economic policies will she bring to the people. And just to clarify, what will be her main economic platform and waht will she scrap or reconsider. 

Here's what VP Leni Robredo responded:

"Yung sa akin, I have always been very, I have expressed this many times over, meron kasi tayong false dichotomy na health vs the economy. Hindi ako naniniwala doon. Para sa akin, usually interconnected and kalusugan sa pang-ekonomiya natin." 

"Having said that, and pinaka-unang economic policy natin ay: Dapat Mahinto ang Pandemya."

The statement and pronoucement of VP Leni Robredo regarding her first economic policies draws jeers and critics from netizens, particularly those who are now supporting the Duterte administration as well as the candidacy of former Sen. Bongbong Marcos. 

A video is also circulating oon Tiktok about the statement of VP Leni Robredo. 

In a separate video however, she actually elaborated her answer on the question presented by a journalist about her platforms of government. 

"Kasi hanggang ngayon di nahinto ang pandemya, walang pag-asa makabangon ang ating ekonomiya. So sa atin, paano ba natin susugpuin yon? Yung mga pinaka-basic. Test, trace at Treat. Pagsinabi nating treat? pag-equip ng mga ospital, pag-asikaso sa ating mga health workers, vaccinate, ayuda, opportunities sa trabaho. Yung ang mga pinaka-basic."

Watch the Video of VP Leni:

Netizens took to social media and shared their sentiments on the statements released by the Vice President. 

Here's Some of the Comments Posted by Netizens:

Edmund Reyes: Aggressive ang sagot para kunyare very sharp and impressive siya pagdating sa economy or economics. 

Mark Pastrana: Lagi tayo pinapasaya ni Leni. 

Jeffrey Agravante: Talagang ladies and gentlemen.

My friends,Filipinos and countrymen lend me your ears. The madum will stop the pandemic.

Nori Nori: Mama Leni, kahit aning gawin natin hindi mo talaga kaya to lead even as PTA President... You can bd a good comedienne, though..

Watch the Video of VP Leni's Press Con:

Source: Facebook / YouTube

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