Must Watch: Raffy Tulfo Denies Giving Up Support to Pres. Duterte

One of the country's most popular news anchor and public servant Idol Raffy Tulfo speak up and denied all allegations that he was giving up his support to Pres. Rody Duterte. He also claimed that he will not be running for President in upcoming 2022 national elections. 

According to Raffy Tulfo he will always be a Duterte supporter until this time and all the allegations thrown at him were just misinformation on social media. 

The popular TV host and YouTuber stated that he really respected the Duterte Administration particularly Pres. Rody Duterte that's the reasoons why he has no plans for running against the President of the Republic. 

Despite the recent statement released by Raffy Tulfo, most netizens are still not convinced with his pronouncements because of the facts that he still supported the possible ABS-CBN's return on air despite the huge number of government cases against the said station.  

Tulfo could not answer all the questions regarding his controversial statement on YouTube that there will come a time that his 42 million combined subscribers and supporters will one day go up against the 16 million supporters of Pres. Rody Duterte. 

Although the video was already deleted by his team, some netizens downloaded the video and re-uploaded it various social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok. 

During the explanations of Raffy Tulfo he couldn't explain the reasons why he deleted the video wherein he was saying about the 16 million versus the 42 million subscribers. 

The veteran broadcaster just explain that he was not referring to his 42 million subscribers but he was referring to the number of subscribers of ABS-CBN who could someday clash with Duterte's 16 million voters. 

Despite the explanations of Raffy Tulfo on his latest YouTube episode, many netizens are still doubtful with his sincerity on the said issue as seen on the numerous comments posted on Facebook and YouTube regarding the controversy involving Raffy Tulfo and the DDS. 

Watch the Explanations of Raffy Tulfo:

Source: Raffy Tulfo in Action YT Channel

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