Antonette Told by Raffy Tulfo Not to Return to Her Mother

The mother of Whamos Cruz girlfriend, became the alleged culprit instead of being the victim in the controversy involving her daughter and the influencer Whamos during a conversation with Raffy Tulfo in the popular TV show. 

It seems that the complaint of Dolly Del Rosario turned upside down after seeking help at the popular TV and Show hosted by Raffy Tulfo after Antonette Gail Del Rosario aired her side of the story. 

Instead of Dolly asking for help to let her daughter be back at her side, the young Antonette revealed during her conversation with Raffy Tulfo that she was allegedly molested by her stepfather who is living with his mother right now. 

Gail Del Rosario's claimed during her complaint with Raffy Tulfo that her daughter was just convinced by Whamos to join her because of a huge amount of money presented by the influencer. 

According to Antonette's mother her daughter stow away from their house without  asking permission from her but based on the explanations presented by partner of Whamos she clearly asked permission from her mother and her mother agreed with her decision to join Whamos on his various projects. 

During the conversation with Raffy Tulfo, lawyer Atty. Garreth Tungol explained that although Antonette agreed to come along with Whamos, the influencer could still face some legal problems. 

Meanwhile here's the side of Antonette which was aired on Raffy Tulfo:

"Ganito po kasi ‘yan bago po kami maghiwalay nag usap po talaga kami nila mommy at ni Whamos at tinanong ko kung okay lang ba na kila Whamos muna ako, ang sabi po nila ok lang daw po,” Antonette stated.

“Pero nung nakita nila ‘yung father ko sa KMJS (Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho) doon po sila gumawa ng aksyon,” added by the daughter.

“Minomolestiya po ako ng asawa niya, ilang years ko pong kinimkim ‘yun,” this time Antonette cried recalling her experience. 

Upon hearing the side of Antonette, Raffy Tulfo suggested to the young lady not to return to her mother. 

The mother of Antonette denied all the allegations presented by Antonette, particularly the accusations against her live-in partner. 

Watch the Complete Video Posted by RTIA:

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