Watch: Working Bamboo Tricycle Earns Praises Online

A tricycle driver earned praises on social media for his unique resourcefulness as he uses indigenous materials as part of his tricycle. The tricycle driver went viral on social after his demonstration of a working bamboo tricycle. 

The resourceful tricycle driver who speak in a Visayan language went viral on social media because of his ingenuity in using a wooden sidecar made from bamboo. 

Filipinos are indeed resourceful on their own ways and the world acknowledged the talents of some Filipinos in terms of ingenuity and artistry. 

A video circulating online which was originally posted by Facebook user Dokbu Oiradneced went viral after netizens discovered that a tricycle plying his routes is made of bamboo sidecar. 

Based upon the viral video, Doc Bulag Wonder was driving his car on his way home when he saw a tricycle made up of bamboo. 

During the conversation with the owner of the car whose name is Oliver Lapaz, the trike is consist of an old Rusi motorcycle and a sidecar made of bamboo. 

The tricycle owner lives in Barangay Lapak, La Carlota city, Negros Occidental. The driver was so proud of his creations and masterpiece which is considered as way cheaper compared to a tricycle made up of stainless steel which is considerably worth around P20K-P30K depending upon the design. 

The video uploader even tried to ride the working Bamboo Tricycle and it can be seen also that the motorcycle have it's own reverse gear for easier use. 

Watch the Video of the Working Bamboo Trike:

Source: Facebook 

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