Madam Inutz Reveals Real Reasons Why She's So Serious in Online Selling

Madam Inutz made a name for herself on social media in just a few days garnering millions of views whenever she went on with her extraordinary online selling method. 

Despite the fact that Madam Inutz or Daisy Cabantog in real life went viral due to her commentaries and numerous shoutouts during live selling without getting someone from her audience to buy from the products she's advertising on her site, the online seller was accepted by her fans and followers. 

In one of the latest video posted by Madam Inutz she revealed the main reasons why she's so serious and determined to make a sell during her live selling activities on Facebook was due to the fact that someone inspired her. 

Although the controversial and viral online seller made a name for herself as someone who is very noisy and often curses online, there's indeed a reason for her to make some sale to help her ailing mother. 

As the loving daughter of her mother, Madam Inutz took care of her ailing mother who had difficulties in speaking as well but based on her mother's facial expression, she's a jolly person to talk with. 

According to Daisy Cabantog she wanted to earn some money in order for her to provide for her ailing mother as she revealed it to her fans from different parts of the world. 

She said that her online selling activities helped her a lot for her family to buy for the medicines of her ailing mother. 

"Ohh wag nyo daw kami ireport mamaya kukuha daw kami pambili gamot at diaper niya. SEE YOU LATER MGA INUTIL!!! Daisy Cabantog Daisy_licious Ukay."

The fans of Daisy Cabantog or Madam Inutz, immediately responded and shared their sentiments on the real situation that Madam Inutz is going through right now. 

Madam Inutz also confirmed earlier that she is now a talent and actress under Star Artist Management and her entire career could possibly help her earned more money so that he can further help her families especially her ailing mother. 

Watch the Video Madam Inutz With Her Mother:

Read Some of the Comments from Daisy's Fans:

Ma. Celeste Hernandez: yung pagmamahal mo sa nanay mo.. katunayan kung ganu kabuti ang puso mo lalo ka ibi bless ni God Daisy kahit napaka ayup ng bunganga mo.. dahil iba ang laman ng puso sa nilalabas ng bibig mo... di tulad ng iban na napakabait sa ibang tao pero sa sariling magulang salbahe.

Arlen Dela Torre: Awwwww, sarap sa feelings makita na ganyan kamahal ng mga anak ang magulang nila... khit anong mangyare nagdadamayan ang magkakapatid para suportahan ang mga magulang. God bless you more. 

Jennylyn Piol: nakakaiyak na nakakatuwa inuts... god bless sa inyo dahil ung ginawa n mother sa inyo nun mga bata pa kau pano kayu alagaan, binabalik nyo sa kanya.

Source: Facebook 

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