Former Scout Ranger Slams Pacquiao for Wearing Scout Ranger Uniform

A veteran Scout Ranger and former alumnus of the Philippine Military Academy took to social media as he slammed Senator Manny Pacquiao for wearing a Scout Ranger uniform he wore during an AFP event. 

Sen. Manny Pacquiao who was earlier promoted to the rank of full Colonel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Reserved Command in 2017. During the year 2011, Pres. Noynoy Aquino approved Pacquiao's commissionship to Lieutenant Colonel with recommendations from Philippine Army officials. 

Based on various evidence which was even posted on various social media sites and even the mainstream media, Sen. Pacquiao was seen wearing the Scout Ranger uniform when he was presented with the Meritorious Achievement Medal and a Manifesto Plaque for his successful defense of the regular WBA Welterweight title against Broner on January 19, in Las Vegas. 

The former veteran Scout Ranger was identified as Nick Sotelo, claimed that he was not happy seeing Sen. Pacquiao proudly wearing the "batak" and "musang" badges on Pacquia's Scout Ranger uniform. 

Sotelo in his opinion, isn't deserving because he did not earn it like Scout Rangers. He said Manny Pacquiao should have done his research first, how hard each Scout Rangers have to go through before they earn the right to pin the patches on his arm and chest. Just so Manny knows. 

The former Scout Ranger was quoted as saying "Pero, bago mo sana tinahi mga yan sa suot mo, inalam mo muna sana kung gaano kahirap ang mga dinadaanan ng bawat isang musang bago nya nya maitahi yan sa braso't dibdib niya! Para alam mo!"

Some netizens also posted their sentiments and reactions to the controversial post of the former Scout Ranger. 

Here's Some of the Comments on Social Media:

Daniel Venick: make the military looks bad i am so sad for the philippines military it is a slap in the face no respect for great soldier who dies for there country

Daniel Venick: he dishonner the peoples who die for the country and verterants

Conrado Calpito: Pacquiao (pak yaw) you do not deserve wearing that honorable and distinguish uniform.. you didn't earned it hard enough, that's an insult to all those soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guardsmen and merchant marine personnel's who sacrificed their life for their country (active,retired or departed) I felt surely ashamed looking at you…as I retired honorably from the military, you yourself,Undeserving,unauthorized,ungrateful, not good duty and dishonesty to Juan dela Cruz country…

Len Resare:; Mukhang ewan ,ahayyy.Money really cannot buy everything.

Arleen Tatel: Mahirap din talaga mag boksing pero bilyones ang kinita nya doon samantalang ang mga musang nakikipagpatayan sa maliit na sweldo at skyflakes at sardinas ang kinakain sa bundok.

Source: Nick Sotelo FB Page

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