MJ Reyes Burns Sen. Kiko Pngilinan for Saying "Filipinos Deserve Better Leader"

Concerned netizen and prominent supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte on social media, MJ Quiambao Reyes burned down Sen. Kiko Pangilinan anew on social media after his statement that Filipinos deserve better leader to fix pandemic mess. 

Sen. Kiko Pangilinan made some headlines in the mainstream media after he was asked what kind of leader the country needs after Pres. Rody Duterte steps down and once a new President will be declared following the 2022 national polls. 

The senator was quoted as saying "Filipinos deserve better leader to fix pandemic mess," such as economic recession and hunger, rather than "downplaying" them.


The statement of Pangilinan caught the attentions of some major DDS bloggers who took to social media and took a swipe at the statement of the senator. 

MJ Quiambao Reye immediately responded and burned down the senator as she wasted no time to get back kat Pangilinan with a witty retort that went viral on social media. 

Reyes burned down Pangilinan by saying "Definitely NOT the sme 'leaders' and political party who MISERABLY FAILED at Yolanda, Luneta, Mamasapano, Luisita, Dengvaxia, NAIA (Tanim-Bala), at iba pa."

Netizens also joined the prey in attacking Sen. Kiko Pangilinan who have been serving more than 2 decades under different administration as member of the Executive and the Legislative Branch of the national government. 

Sen. Kiko Pangilinan started serving as senator from the year 2001 to present, he became the youngest Majority Lader in 2004, since the restoration of Philippine Congress in 1987. 

Here's Some of the Comments Posted by Netizens Against Pangilinan:

Belen Trost: Indeed Kiko, Filipinos deserve better leaders than you Kiko, Drilon, Hontivirus, Robredo, Trillanes, DeLima, Abad, Bautista, Henares, the late PNoy, atb. You should all be punished for your incompetence, negligence, corruption, plunder and scurrilous lies

Aubrey de Josep: I think the best indictment of this statement is also the reason why Duterte won. If these clowns are such exemplary "leaders", they would have easily won no matter what stunts Duterte pulled then.

Nothing more hilarious than someone who's in government for over 30 years all of a sudden proclaiming that he now knows how to fix the country. 

Jo Che Lyn: So Mr. Pangilinan buong mundo deserve a better leader kc WALA PA AKONG NABABALITAANG BANSA NA NAKASOLVE S COVID PANDEMIC

Hazel Baldomar: Unfortunately, better leaders will never be you, Mr Kiko. Even this 'mess' you call during the PANDEMIC is, to borrow Mr Pacquiao phrase, "3x" BETTER than the actual mess you and your LP cohorts had made during Yolanda. In fact, 100x better with the magnitude of this pandemic. Ni katiting sa leadership ngayon ng admin, wala ang yellows sir. Sorry (not sorry) to say.

Cronos Xines: Yes filipinos deserve better, much much better leadership. Thats the reason we will not vote for any lpigs, dilawans, wokinams in the coming 2022 elections.

Alfie Into: Cgurado kapag nanalo either sa kanila PACQUIAO o ROBREDO.. Kwawa ang piljpinas cgurado maraming patay dahil sa covid.. Kasi ipa optional nila ang pag suot ng face mask o face shield.. Kawawa tyo.. Kaya mag isip.. Para sakin Duterte tandem na

Makaw Castillo: Come on Kiko!!! Fly to our neigboring asean countries, say Indonesia or Malaysia, (wag na sa masyadong malayo )and see for urself, you might want to stay there for life too, dont forget to bring along your wife yah…

Benjamin Singson: Yes Filipinos deserve better leaders like President Duterte. You Kiks, is one of the worst leaders we have since you held public Office many many years ago. Ano accomplishment mo Kiks? Wala. Nada. Gawin at ma's padamihin ang menor de edad na mga kawatan at kriminal at sandigan ito ng bulok na batas na gawa mo. Isa ka sa pinaka inutil na Senator ever elected.

Manuel Trinidad: Don’t worry kiko. Mayor Sara Duterte is on her way na. And correction, there is no pandemic mess that happened during PRRD, the Philippines are way more better than the other countries in fighting againts covid. just so you know.

Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes FB Page

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