Maria Hoffs Denies Posting She Won't File Charges is Fake

Controversial women in the viral video denied the news circulating on social media that she posted a statement that says she won't file charges is indeed fake. 

According to Maria Hoffs (Maria Hofilena), the woman in a viral video accused for not paying the balance of a food package she ordered denied posting a statement on social media that she would no longer push through the filing of cases against the seller who posted a viral video, Marjorie Abastas. 

The post says that she created an account because her old account was h*ck** and she thinks that in order to address the issues and clear some things by asking forgiveness to Marjorie and she's willing to accept all of the consequences of her actions. 

Maria allegedly admitted that she is really depress because of the issue and her families were already affected with the said viral food package video. She also noted that she received some death threats. 

There is no truth regarding the issue of her new account, Maria Hofilena said she never posted anything on social media concerning the issue and that she even deactivated her Facebook account on Monday, July 26, 2021, a day after the incident. 

The viral woman in the food package video Maria Hofilena said she is well aware that there accounts created just to post fake news and make fun of her. 

Aside from disclosing that she did not post anything on social media, Maria admitted however, that she has another Facebook account but said she has not been using it. 

Contrary to the said fake post circulating on social media, Hofilena reiterated that she will push through with the filing of cases against Abastas for cyber libel, unjust vexation, oral defamation, and trespassing. 

Here's the Viral Post of Fake Maria:

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