Netizens Exposes Biases of ABS-CBN "May Mensahe po sa inyo ang Isang Taga-Masinloc"

Concerned netizens on social media exposed anew the alleged biased reporting of ABS-CBN who has been playing up the story of Pangasinan fisherman who claimed voting for Pres. Duterte thinking Duterte can protect them to fish in the West Philippine Sea but now utterly disappointed of Pres. Duterte. 

A veteran blogger and prominent social media supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte, MJ Quiambao Reyes wrote an open letter invoking journalistic fairness doctrine to ABS-CBN News by asking them to interview a netizen from Zambales and hear the other side of the story regarding the fishermen from Masinloc and nearby towns who have returned to fish safely in Bajo de Masinloc also known as Scarborough Shoal since the Duterte administration came to power. 

Here's the Open Letter of MJ Reyes:

"May mensahe po sa inyo ang isang taga-Masinloc. Bekenemen pwede nyo rin syang interview-hin? Of course, that is, if you really after TRUTH & INFORMATION."

Aside from the statement made by Reyes, she also posted the screenshot of the comment from a concerned netizen calling the news report about fishermen barred from fishing in Bajo de Masinloc or Scarborough Shoal "manipulalted."

Another netizen replied that it is because the mainstream media have no issues to throw at the Duterte administration hence they will not stop until they destroy the current leader of the country. 

The netizen also commented that from the start, the public are  aware the media are lame purveyor of fake news, greedy to the point that their only concern is their personal interest, especially the people who are behind these kind of fake news. 

ABS-CBN who have been allegedly spreading fake news should realized that netizens are now aware of their tactics. The netizen claimed that the fishing vessels from Masinloc, even from neighboring towns are regularly returning to the shore with a good catch of fish becaause the Chinese have not abrred or shooed them away during fishing trips in the contested shoal, their traditional fishing ground. 

The netizen even ended the comment thanking the leadership of Pres. Rody Duterte. In light of the revelation of the resident from Masinloc, the other netizen exclaimed deceitful paid media. 

Netizens also joined the prey as they shared their sentiments on exposing ABS-CBN's Biased Reporting. 

Here's Some of the Comments from Netizens:

Lynette Lynette: Tinodo na tlga ng abs ang biased reports nila kaya mas nagugustuhan ko na format ng gma news ngauon

Fejanice Valderrama: Ms Ferrer's claim might be valid.. There are interviews oft fishermen from PTV channel about this, i wonder why other media outlet did not even bother to cover this other side of the story.

Agnes Supremo: It's not like before wherein they deceived majority of the Filipino and we could only read news from Manila Bulletin, Phil Daily Inquirer, Bulletin Today then watch news from ABS CBN, GMA etc. which caused those unfortunately marches on the streets, pp revolutions...NOW we can ask friends or read posts from people who live exactly in that area and verify instantly...thanks to social media...there is really no need for mainstream media...ooops.

Weng Dela Cruz: Mabuti nlng may internet at nagkaroon ng social media. Kundi naloko n nmn ang mga Pinoy ng mga bayarang media. Tsk tsk!

Jhea Juarana: Ang saya tignan.. na kahit anong nega na balita nla.. my nga ordinary na mamamayan na nkakakita Ng katutuhan at cla mismo Ang ngsasabi with or with suhol or what sa media.

Mike Odoy: Pansin ko di na umuubra ng twisting reporting sa ngayon.... dati kase kaya pa bilugin ulo mo at paniwalain sa mga maling balita.... salamat SOCIAL MEDIA ang laki ng tulong mo para makita ang katotohanan.

Maria Montemar: Parang sitwasyon lang yan sa mindanao na pilit nilang genegenalize na magulo ang mindanao... mas marunong pa sila sa taga mindanao.

Bong Puno: Kung walang social media, namamayagpag na ngayon kasinungalingan ng mga gagong media na yan just like what they did to the Marcoses.

Ronelardo Torres: Lahat ng natitirang reporter,/employee ng abias solid dilawan leader's kaya imposibleng mangalap sila ng mga taong kuntento sa pangingisda sa Scar.shoal,,ang hahanapin nila yung nainterview na pangit ang mga unang karanasang sentimyento at yung bandang kalagitnaan na may magandang kasaysayan ang Hindi nila isinasama sa kabuuan ng kanilang pag uulat.,sa ganyan sila pinapasuweldo ng Lopez and kabayan group of unscrupulous businessman.

Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes FB Page

Netizens Exposes Biases of ABS-CBN "May Mensahe po sa inyo ang Isang Taga-Masinloc" Netizens Exposes Biases of ABS-CBN "May Mensahe po sa inyo ang Isang Taga-Masinloc" Reviewed by Phil Newsome on May 17, 2021 Rating: 5
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