Mayor Sara Duterte Burns 1Sambayan Convenor Antonio Carpio

Davao City Mayor and presidential daughter, Mayor Sara Duterte of Davao City burned down retired Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio after the later's rejection of Duterte as a possible 1Sambayan presidential bet. 

Mayor Sara Duterte burned down Carpio by saying "They claim to be a coalition of democratic forces but they reject so many who do not agree with them. They sound authoritarian to me. Kung gusto nila maging successful dapat ang panawagan nila ay magkaisa."

The statement of the Davao City Mayor came out after the earlier statement of Antonio Carpio rejecting Mayor Sara's possible inclusion to the newly-formed coalition vying for the top posts in the national government. 

Carpio was quoted as saying "We reject those who are identified with authoritarianism. We reject those who are responsible for extrajudicial killings or who abet extrajudicial killings and we reject those who violate human rights... We do not think that the daughter of the President will qualify under our coalition."

The way Mayor Sara Duterte burned down Antonio Carpio was supported with the huge numbers of Duterte supporters on social media as they agree with the statement of the Davao City Mayor. 

Mayor Sara slammed the group as she described them as authoritarian for claiming to be a coalition of democratic forces but chose to reject those who disagree with them. 

The 1Sambayan group is headed by retired Supreme Court associate justice Antonio Carpio, touts itself as the only united opposition that could win against the current administration. 

The group represents the democratic forces in the country as they claimed which includes the Bayan Muna, Magdalo, labor groups, the poor and the religious groups. 

Mayor Sara on her part said that the country needs now is unity and not "messages with the word reject. Othering is the word that comes to mind when they speak."

Former Scout Ranger and veteran soldier, Sir Abe Purugganan supported Mayor Sara on her statement as he stated that the Davao City Mayor doesn't need the 1Sambayan coalition. 

Sir Abe stated the the coalition were abounds with hypocrisy, pretention, deceit, and lies and the Mayor won't really qualify. 

Mayor Sara is a better person than all of the opposition combined, but obviously the 1Sambayan coalition need her and they are allegedly riding on Mayor Sara's popularity. 

Source: Facebook

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