OFWs Burns Esquire Magazine for Reporting Philippines Poor Performance Against COVID-19

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who returned home to the Philippines burned down Esquire Magazine for their news article regarding the alleged poor performance of the Philippines when compared to the rest of the world in the country's efforts against COVID-19 pandemic. 

The online version of the popular magazine Esquire Philippines reported that the Philippines' COVID-19 Response is performing poorly compared to the rest of the world but the OFWs who experienced the doings of the Duterte administration debunked the report made by the said magazine. 

Esquire reported that the Philippines is lagging behind most of the world when it comes to its COVID-19 response, ranking 79th out of 98 countries included in Lowy Institute's COVID Performance Index. 

The report of Esquire was received with criticisms by some Filipinos, particularly those Overseas Filipino Workers who experienced first-hand the Duterte administration's effort in the country when compared to the country where they are residing right now. 

According to OFW Anthony Fevrier, he live in Japan but compared to the Philippines response to COVID, he commended the national government's efforts. 

In Japan when you're a Japanese travelling back to Japan, you'll be paying for COVID-19 test, hotel accommodation for 14 days which costs around P40-60K, but in the Philippines it's free, and transportation to your home town too is free. 

He also noted that in Japan, when you get hit by covid, your company will be asked to pay for sanitizing all areas you walked by, the company will not pay you for your absencess due to covid. In the Philippines, the local will take care of you and put you on confinement free of charge. 

He burned down Esquire by saying that the government of the Philippines is working really hard to contain the virus. But the people and the media are doing the opposite. 

Due to the statement released by an OFW from Japan, other OFWs from different parts of the world also shared how the Philippine government took care of them when they returend home to the Philippines. 

Here's Some of the Positive Comments Commending the PH Government Under Pres. Duterte:

Jasmine Suiza: Totoo talaga yan Mahal na Reyna.. Yung tatay ko din OFW sagot lahat ng gobyerno mula swab test, 4-star hotel, all meals (as in may merienda pa) pati bus pabalik ng city of residence.

Neil Manigsaca: My Aunt who is a British Citizen went back to UK last June after being stranded her and she pays for everything...luckily for her she was given free food both in Laguindingan and NAIA 3 prior to her flight to London...

Ravid Mc: LSI Naman ako Reyna, from Nueva Viscaya, tapos umuwi ako dito s Mindanao, hinatid ako ng van from NUeva Vizcaya provincial government na ako lng Ang pasahero patungong pier 4. O dba Ang may sarili akong chauffeur. S 2go d libre Ang pamasahe, pero pag dating ko dito s mindanao, sinundo kami Bukidnon LGU bus, with Jollibee as our free meal, d kagaya Ni Leni na anemic ung spaghetti. Pag dating s province, libre na Ang rapid test, free hotel accommodation for one night saka ako nagquarantine NG 14days s bahay.

Pilipina Matsuoka: Totoo po yan Kase yung bayaw Ko noong umuwi ng Nagoya noong December para operahan sa puso, lahat gastos nya.. Kaya dito hindi pwedeng wala Kang life insurance dahil paktay ka Talaga sa mga ospital dito.

Ronnie Macaraig: Kaya nga mahirap tanggapin yun “Rating” na “#79” sa CoVid response around the world! Phils has one of the most envious response against CoVid, kasi kahit mahirap na bansa, ginagawa ng Phil govt yun best effort nila to fight this CoVid 19. My salute to PRRD’s leadership!

Bethzy AC: Same thing in Canada. They have now implemented an additional requirement from having a negative result within 72 hrs of travel, once you land in the 4 main airports you need to have another test and book 3 nights in hotels accredited by the govt at YOUR EXPENSE while waiting for the result.

They also do not have the rigid implementation of our health services. I know of a couple who was positive (the wife, had she been in the Phils) would be in the ICU already, but no they were just told to isolate in their house with 5 kids and 1 senior. When the isolation period is over they were not even retested to check if they are negative. When I asked, they said the nurse whom they call (ONLY) said THERE’S NO NEED and that they are now immune since they already contracted the virus. Just the other day, 2 kids and the senior tested positive.

Lambert Tan: That is exactly the point. When the people is not given the obligation to take care for themselves, to pay for their own, they tend to be complacent. When people must attend to themselves and not relying on someone else, they tend to learn the virtue of responsibility.

While the government itself do not have nor make money, the government funds are collected from the people, therefore the burden is actually on the people too, and it will be more than two folds because the government must pay for its bureaucracy and corruption.

Rex Perez: And here in America baka akala nyo libre ang ambulansya tuwang tuwa ka pag dial mo ng 911 wala pang 10 minutes andyan na full force pero wait ka lang after a month may dadating na bill sa yo nakadetalye lahat ng ginamit sa yo ultimo gloves minsan lagpas $1000 bill depende sa case mo. 

Frev Espina: I agree. Here in Laos, you pay for the covid test. The government provides a free facility for your 14-day quarantine but it's just basic foam (on the floor) and basic meals in a military building. So foreigners pay to be confined in a hotel instead.

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