MJ Reyes Burns 2019 Bar Topnotcher Who Blames Gov't for Not Allowing Christmas Parties

Veteran blogger and prominent supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte, MJ Quiambao Reyes burned down the 2019 Bar Topnotcher, Mae Diane Azores, who blamed the government of Pres. Duterte as the one responsible why there will be no Christmas parties be allowed in various parts of the country due to COVID-19.

Mae Diane Azores is the 2019 Bar topnotcher who graduated from the University of Santo Tomas (UST) College of Law in Legazpi City. She worked as a finance analyst III at the local office of the Commission on Audit (COA). 

Azores made some headlines on social media during the past few weeks because of her critical pronouncements against the Duterte administration being featured by the mainstream media. 

This time around, Azores made headlines anew on social media as she was burned down by MJ Quiambao Reyes for blaming the government as the culprit why Christmas Parties will not be allowed anywhere in the country. 

On Twitter Azores posted the following "If it weren't for their sheer incompetence, nagpapractice na sana tayo ngayon para sa presentation sa Christmas party." Azores tweeted.

MJ Reyes responded to the bar topnotcher by saying "Your stupid argument only reinforces our opinion of the 3%. Parang nakatira sa ibang planeta. Wagas pagka-out of touch! Christmas parties, at this time, are discouraged worldwide! We are, in fact, in a better situation compared to other 1st world countries."

Netizens also shared their sentiments and joined Reyes in criticizing the statement of the supposed bar topnotcher who became the target of online shaming by some DDS supporters. 

Here's Some of the Comments from Netizens:

Rogelio Villareal Senson: Infact in Switzerland , some cantons on this very day begins the new lockdown.

Kimmie Wu: In England each family is given 5 days from the 23rd -27th of December to be able to interact with 2 more families, that is a total of 3 bubbles. After 5 days back to strict lockdown so no parties or type of interaction outside your so called bubbles. Anyone caught breaking the rules will incur £10k fine (approx 650k pesos)! Now that so called top notcher! Is definitely so out of touch and so ignorant of what is going around the world! Just shows that person needs more experience and exposure to the real world around her!m

Reylan Loberternos: The problem with some of the data being presented by the mainstream media is that they're comparing apples to oranges. It is stupid to directly compare case counts per country or per city. Case count per population density should be the way to go. Well, perhaps they're aware of it and would only present data that will support their agenda, and not really one that would give an accurate representation of the real scenario.

Margie Lapiz: Ang dami talagang sinasayang ang Utak na binigay sa kanila ni Lord. Sino tong Diane na to, wawa naman hindi ginamit ang utak.

Davey Ocampo: I used to be proud that I went to law school. Now seeing a bar top-notcher with this kind of logic, that sense of pride is somewhat diminished. #ashamedforher

Elena A. Liwag: Shes right learn how to read/learn about current events.There is possible

lockdown again in California or im fact it already implented at this time and possible in other States .Also its flu season .They trying to limit the spread of the virus esp its holiday season .People cant help but to gather just to be with their ones and that my cause the widespread.

Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes FB Page

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