Jun Avelino Lectures Etta Rosales on Her 2022 Election Predictions

Veteran author and prominent political analyst Jun Avelino lectured Akbayan Chair Emeritus Etta Rosales for her statement that the success of Joe Biden in the USA could happen to the Philippines in 2022. 

Akbayan Partylist leader Etta Rosales stated that "Trump's defeat is both a warning and reminder to Mr. Duterte that all tyrants, regardless of their popularity and power, will fall. Those who lust for unlimited power will be strangled by their own grip. The people will fight back. History and democracy will push back. Today's tyrants will be tomorrow's deposed despots." Rosales stated.

Due to the statement released by Akbayan Partylist it caught the attentions of Jun Avelino who responded and lectured Etta Rosales on her predictions for the Philippines under Pres. Rody Duterte. 

According to Jun Avelino, Trump and Duterte and the outcome of the US Elections is two different tales that the Anti-Duterte forces should know. 

Etta Rosales and those who shared her predictions for 2022 elections are miserably wrong in using Trump's recent election defeat to happen whoever will be anointed by Pres. Duterte in the 2022 Presidential Elections. 

The veteran author enumerated that first of all Pres. Trump did not get the majority votes of the American people in the 2016 US Presidential elections. The fact that Hillary Clinton got 2.7M more votes from American people. 

In contrast, Pres. Duterte won in the Philippine elections by a landslide as he got 6 million votes more than Mar Roxas, his closest rival. Trump's popularity plunged in recent years, while Duterte's trust and approval ratings skyrocketed and even listed in the Guinness Books of World Records.

Read the Complete Statement of Jun Avelino:

Trump and Duterte – Two different Tales the Anti Duterte Forces Should Know

Etta Rosales and those who shared her predictions for 2022 elections are miserably wrong in using Trump’s recent election defeat to happen with whoever will be anointed by Duterte in the 2022 Presidential Elections.

First, Trump did not get the majority votes of the American people in the 2016 US Presidential elections. The fact is that Hillary Clinton got 2.7M more votes from the American people than Trump. It was their electoral votes which was the culprit that brought Trump to the US Presidency. So, from the very start, majority of the American people never liked Trump and their numbers have increased substantially during the Trump US Presidency.

In contrast, Duterte won in the Philippine Presidential elections by a landslide – he got 6 million votes more than his closest rival, Mar Roxas. While Trump’s popularity plunged in the recent years, Duterte’s trust and approval ratings skyrocketed which is now in the World Guinness Book of Records – 92 percent with only 3 percent disapproval. 

In the 2019 local elections, Duterte campaigned against all Senatorial candidates of the opposition. None of them won even a single seat in the elections as a result of such adversarial campaign. It is an affirmation of Duterte’s popularity and how the Filipino people trust and approve of his leadership as President in this country. Ergo, whoever will be anointed by Digong come 2022 will definitely become President, more so if it will be another Duterte.

It was the increasing number of Anti Trump American people who fired him from the Presidency. In the case of Duterte, I wonder how a 3 percent (which is continuously shrinking) of the population can even convince the 5 percent of the undecided population. If they are lucky enough, they will get 8 percent which is mathematically impossible to win a Presidential election. 

Perhaps, Etta Rosales and her cohorts are alumni of the Robredo School of Mathematics which convinced her to come up with such idiotic predictions.

The amazingly preposterous contention is when Etta called Duterte a popular tyrant who will lose stream when elections come. Look who’s talking!. Etta belongs to Akbayan – a CPP dominated party list organization, albeit belonging to the “Rejectionist” group of the party. Senator Hontiverus is also a member of the Akbayan and hence, they parrot the same propaganda lines. 

Rejectionists are communists who disagreed with Joma Sison whose group is now called as the “Reaffirmists”. During the “purge”, Sison killed the leaders of the rejectionists, like the prominent Kintanar and charged their death to the government. They actually killed each other and conveniently accused the government for every death they incurred in their internal cleansing. 

That’s how demonic the CPP is. If given the opportunity to run a government, it is the Politboru (a few core leaders) of the party who run the government and if one disagrees with them will be killed. That is the communist tyranny which is embraced by Etta Rosales for which Duterte detested. The likes of Etta is actually the real tyrant in this country – a threat to our democracy.

The great lesson the reds and yellows should slurp from the recently concluded American elections is how democracy works in their system. While majority of the Americans do not like Trump, they never resorted to destabilization plot to oust him. They waited for the elections to fire him and they did. That’s how democracy works where the will of the majority prevails and being respected.

In the Philippines, we have this idiotic 3 percent of the population that has been trying to oust Duterte since he assumed the Presidency but consistently failed for lack of number. It is an irony that while they have been crying for their democratic rights, they have been persistently disrespecting the will of the majority of the Filipino people who elected Duterte by trying to oust him. Isn’t this a bastardization of the real meaning of democracy?

Duterte may have liked Trump for the latter’s show of respect to our sovereignty as an independent country. The foregoing facts however have shown that by all angles, the two leaders are of different political circumstances and hence, renders Etta’s contention and predictions for 2022 elections not only fallacious but highly preposterously ridiculous.

Before the Anti Duterte forces would jump into jubilation for Duterte to suffer the fate of Trump, their main challenge now is how to grow their number from the 3 percent where they are stuck now to get, at least a semblance of the US elections scenario which they are hallucinating about. With barely 17 months left for the 2022 elections, only prayer for miracles to happen is their chance. 

But prayer too doesn’t work for them. You will recall, these people prayed for Duterte's death. Some of them died instead.  They prayed for him to get sick. They ended up infected with corona virus and other illnesses. They prayed for people to be enlightened on the immoralities of Digong. Instead, priests were arrested for rape cases with one Anti Duterte critic caught on cam jacking off. (Hi Jim!). 

They prayed for Digong to be caught with his alleged corrupt practices and ended up instead with some of them being tried for anomalies. In 2016 elections, most of the anti Duterte religious groups prayed for Digong to lose, only to be rebuked with the election results favoring Duterte.

If the religious people along with all the Anti Duterte forces believed in God and that everything that happens in this whole god damn world is  God’s will, why is it hard for you to understand the writings on the wall? You prayed for Duterte to lose, die, get sick, imprisoned and all the curses in heaven that you can muster. 

But that old man is still standing and has continued to serve as President of this country to date. What happened to all your prayers being called religious, decent and people of moral values – virtues you claimed Digong to be bereft of? 

There is only one logical conclusion that can be inferred therefrom…. God favors Duterte over your malevolent and demonic prayers. And come 2022 elections, if you continue to be the country’s pain in the ass, God will definitely slap you and yell “when will you ever learn to suck it up, idiots?” – Jun Avelino

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Source: Jun Avelino FB Page

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