DITO Telecommunity Releases Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Official Website

The country's highly anticipated third telco which is set to compete against the leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom and PLDT-Smart Communications released a list of Frequently Asked Questions. 

The Frequently Asked Question is now posted on the official website of DITO Telecommunity after numerous inquiries from netizens about the country's third telecommunications company. 

One of the most common inquiries among the supporters of DITO Telecom and the community is about the land acquisition that's the reason why the company listed it on its FAQ. 

According to DITO Telecommunity they have specific quidelines and policies on site acquisition and land rentals. 

Based on the public advisory of DITO Telecom, they wish to inform the public that the locations for the construction of DITO infrastructure (e.g. towers, base stations, and other similar structures) in time for its roll-out and launch have already been predetermined and were included in the plan submitted to the Philippine government even before July of 2019.

Here's the Complete List of DITO Tecommunity FAQs:


We’ve put together answers to several FAQs about DITO Telecommunity. If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us at info@dito.ph

I own a land that I want to recommend as a site for DITO. How can I apply?

We have specific guidelines and policies on site acquisition or land rentals. Click here to find out more.

What is the latest news with DITO Telecommunity?

1. In March of 2020, DITO successfully made its first phone and video calls to various partner vendors in North Luzon, the National Capital Region, South Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, as well as in Hong Kong and China. This is two-months ahead of the government-mandated schedule of May 2020. The successful calls made last March signifies that the DITO Core Network is in place.

2. As of September 13, 2020, DITO has completed 859 towers out of the 1,300 targets.

3. DITO estimates that over 37% of the population will be covered by 1,300 towers to be built by January 2021.

When is DITO officially launching?

DITO is scheduled to launch by March 2021.

When is the technical audit for DITO?

To ensure that we will have the capability to cover at least 37% of the country with a minimum connection speed of 27mpbs, the Philippine government; through its independent auditors, will be conducting a technical audit on January 2021.

Can I already apply for a DITO plan?

We are still amidst preparations to serve you better, so please stay tuned for now. In the meantime, please feel free to visit our official Facebook page or website for the latest updates on DITO.

Do you have an official Facebook page?

Yes, DITO Telecommunity is our official and Facebook-verified page.

How can I apply for a career with DITO?

Head over to the Life at DITO Facebook page to know more about exciting career opportunities. You may also visit our official JobStreet and LinkedIn pages for more updates.

Source: DITO Telecommunity Website

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