DITO Telecom Sim Card and Ookla Speed Test Spotted

The country's third telecommunications company, DITO Telecommunity is indeed just around the corner as one netizen shared a photo of an alleged DITO Sim Card, a 4G VolTE Signal and Ookla speedtest performance of the telco player.

Although DITO Telecom missed their initial technical launch, the company promised to push through with its rollout and they are on track for the March 2021 official launch nationwide.

Some photos are now circulating online allegedly from DITO Engineers proving that DITO has already covered some areas in the country with their 4G signal as well as the availability of its subscribers SIM card.

The alleged phooto shows that there is 4G VoLTE signal with DITO Network name. Another evidence is the presence of DITO Telecommunity in an Ookla Speed Test which proved that there are indeed working towers in the country.

Based on the Ookla speed test, DITO Telecom's speed peak at 58Mbps but right now it is very early for us to tell on what really is the final average speed of DITO Telecom.

According to the timeline of the company, DITO Telecommunity will be officially launch this coming March 2021 with a promised 27 Mbps average speed and 34% coverage nationwide.

DITO also stated during interviews with the media that they will offer 5G signals durin their first year of operation.

The third telecom company is expected to offer aggressive pricing in order to capture the market share of their dominant rivals PLDT-Smart and Globe Telecom which have been operating for the past few years in the country and already captured most internet users with their various offerings.

Source: DITO Telecommunity FB Page

DITO Telecom Sim Card and Ookla Speed Test Spotted DITO Telecom Sim Card and Ookla Speed Test Spotted Reviewed by Phil Newsome on September 16, 2020 Rating: 5
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