60 DITO Telecom Towers To Be Constructed in South Cotabato & GenSan

The country's upcoming third telco player, DITO Telecom confirmed to the media that they targeted at least 60 cellular site towers to be constructed in South Cotabato.

DITO Telecom will construct the said towers in various parts of South Cotabato after the national government granted the company 25 years franchise to operate a telecommunications business in the country.

According HXPT SAQ Manager Vincent Villarosa the company plans to construct at least 60 DITO Towers in South Cotabato as well as General Santos City in the next few months.

Villarosa clarified during an interview that finding sites for the construction of DITO Towers is based on the company's network plan and not through application process.

DITO Telecom noted that representatives of the company which will be in various parts of Mindanao will approached land owners if the lots will fall within the said nominal points or at least 300 meters within the prescribed nominal points.

The company which is owned by Udenna Corporation and Chelsea Logistics in partnership with China Telecom announced earlier that they will pushed through with the scheduled March 2021 commercial roll-out.

DITO Telecommunity, formerly Mislatel aims to provide a faster and more reliable internet connections in the Philippines and set to challenge the duopoly of PLDT-Smart and Globe Telecom.

Major shareholders in Dito Telecommunity include business tycoon Dennis Uy's Udenna Corporation and its subsidiary Chelsea Logistics, with a 35 percent and 25 percent stake, respectively for a combined 60% shares from Filipino-owned company.

The remaining 40% shares of DITO Telecommunity is under China Telecom, which is run by the Chinese government and other conglomerates from China.

Photo Credit: CDODev.com
60 DITO Telecom Towers To Be Constructed in South Cotabato & GenSan 60 DITO Telecom Towers To Be Constructed in South Cotabato & GenSan Reviewed by Phil Newsome on September 13, 2020 Rating: 5
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