Mark Lopez Slams Angel Locsin for Saying "Patawad Kung Minsan ay Pasaway"

Veteran blogger and radio host Mark Lopez slams Angel Locsin for her latest statement against the administration of Pres. Rody Duterte and for her call to gather in protests for the closure of ABS-CBN.

Angel Locsin asked forgiveness to all Filipinos and those affected by her call for support with ABS-CBN and the health workers.

The actress was quoted as saying "Patawad kung minsan ay pasaway. Ngunit nais [naming] iparating, kakampi niyo kami, health workers. Magdoble-ingat para makagaan sa pansinin kahit paano. Wag sanang panghinaan ang inyong loob."

Locsin added further that "Mahal namin kayo. Nakasuporta kami sa inyo. Kailangan namin kayo - kayong mga bayani sa giyerang ito. Maraming slamat sa sakripisyo para sa amin."

The statement of Angel Locsin caught the attention of Mark Lopez who responded through an open letter.

Read the Complete Statement of Mark Lopez:

Dear Angel Locsin,

Seriously, where do you get the gumption and the thick hide to even issue this very insensitive and hypocritical statement?

So you will profess your support to our health workers now that they are overwhelmed, when you are a MAJOR contributor to their misery and burden?

Your selfish, reckless, highly irresponsible indulgence of your own preservation as an entertainer HAS ENDANGERED thousands of lives, and has so overburdened our health system to the brink.

Shame on you and all that you stand for. 
Konting hiya naman, and baka naman puedeng bawasan ang sobrang kapal ng mukha.

Kung hindi ka naman tinatablan eh at the very least, huwag naman sana garapalan ang misplaced and fake activism.

“Pasensya na kung minsan pasaway” would not cut it Miss Colmenares.  It will never resonate to a person who has been infected with the virus, and became a carrier because he/she was greatly influenced by your irresponsible bravado.  It will not ease their pain and suffering now, not to mention the fear and trauma of their loved ones, who are also in danger now.

And even if you pledge all your financial might to shoulder their medical bills,  or support them with your money, it will never be enough, most especially if they become severely incapacitated, or worse, die.

And that is just for the victim whom you pushed and cajoled to follow you.

What about the health workers whom you also pulled down and compromised their very own lives, because of your need for self-indulgence.

Do you realize the magnitude of impact of your egotistical, inconsiderate, and greedy kapricho?

To simply minimize your negligent act as merely “pasaway” is in itself criminal, and a cowardly way out of the mess you helped fester.

And to say that blood is in your hands is in fact, an understatement.

The nerve.

(Photos courtesy of News5 and Fashion Pulis)

Mark Lopez Slams Angel Locsin for Saying "Patawad Kung Minsan ay Pasaway" Mark Lopez Slams Angel Locsin for Saying "Patawad Kung Minsan ay Pasaway" Reviewed by Phil Newsome on August 04, 2020 Rating: 5
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