Lawmaker Reveals the Only Way to Recover KAPA Investments from Joel Apolinario

The controversial investment group KAPA (Kabus Padatoon)-Community Ministry International founded by Joel Apolinario failed to returned all the investments from their members but according to the latest statement released by PBA Party-list Representative Jericho Nograles there is a way to recover the investment. 

In an interview with Bombo Radyo, PBA Partylist Rep. Nograles believed that there's only one way for investors duped by Kapa to take their money back. 

According to Congressman Nograles the victims of KAPA should file a complaint against Joel Apolinario, saying that the only hope to recover their money is to win the case against the self-proclaimed Pastor. 

The lawmaker explained that investors should file a complaint against KAPA before the Securities and Exchange Commission and tell them how much money they invested in the controversial investment schemes of the Apolinario group of companies. 

Rep. Nograles was quoted as saying "Sabihin sa SEC kung magkano ang na-invest para alam nila na kabilang kayo sa mga na-scam para sa panahon na may makuhang pera kay Apolinario at sa mga kasama niiya na maibalik ito sa inyo," Rep. Nograles said. 

Once the controversial Joel Apolinario lost the case, the court would award the assets owned by KAPA to the investors who filed a complaint against the company. 

Here's the List of Companies under KAPA and Joel Apolinario:

1) JoRey Fuel Trading – 5 April 2019 
2) JoRey Printing Services – 20 March 2019 
3) JoRey Garments Trading – 8 March 2019 
4) JoRey Fishing Boat – 11 January 2019 
5) Reyna’s Convention Center – 9 January , 2019 
6) JoRey Agri Banana Plantation – 14 Nov. 2018 
7) JoRey Multi-Media Production – 26 Oct. 2018 
8) JoRey Gasoline Station & Convenience Store – 23 Aug. 2018 
9) KAPA Minmetals Trading – 28 June 2018 
10) JoRey Love Bakeshop & Restaurant – 25 Jan. 2018...

During the year 2019, Joel Apolinario claimed that there's no hope for them to return the money from its investors, blaming the government's action against them. 

Last July 21, after months of hiding, Joel Apolinario was finally arrested and captured by authorities after a firefight between Apolinario's private army and the joint government forces and arresting officers. 

Source: PNA

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