Bobi Tiglao Expose: "Communists Gets P1.98 Billion from Telcos, Other Firms"

Veteran author and respected journalist who previously served as Philippine Ambassador, Rigoberto "Bobi" Tiglao made another explosive expose against the Communist Party of the Philippines and their cohorts legal fronts as they were accused of extracting around P1.9 billion from private companies which the bulk of it from the country's telecommunication (telco) firms.

The said funds from the telco companies is one of the main reasons why the armed insurgency in the country survived for a long period of time.

According to Tiglao the data was retrieved from memory flash drives found in the quarters of party Chairman Julius Giron, who is known in the inner party circles of the CPP as Ka Nars. The said top official of the CPP was killed last March 13 in a Baguio suburb, allegedly by a military intelligence unit supported by local police.

Based upon the data collected from Giron, the telecom allegedly gave P1.4 billion to the communists out of the P1.9 collection total from companies described as from the transport, manufacturing, tobacco and power industries, as well as from candidates for elective posts which is considered as 'one-time deals'.

In the Philippines, the telecommunication industry is considered as a duopoly, consisting of Smart Communications Inc., mainly owned through several corporate layers by Indonesian tycoon Anthoni Salim and United States investors, and Globe Telecom Inc., in which the Ayala clan and Singapore Telecom are the biggest shareholders.

Although the P1.9 billion funds is not clear for what exact period it was generated by the communists, the party chairman Julius Giron, who made the accounting, too over the party chairmanship when Benito Tiamzon was captured in 2014. Giron also took over the party's finance commission that receives and allocates funds to the CPP-NPA.

During the leadership of Giron in the finance commission of CPP, he set up a so-called “economic strike force” to intensify its extortion — “revolutionary taxation” is the party’s euphemism — from private companies.

The disclosure of these huge funds the communists have generated from private firms, National Security Council sources claimed, is another strong argument for the Anti-Terrorism bill (the proposed Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020) , which was Sen. Panfilo Lacson’s brainchild.

Based upon the bill of Sen. Lacson, Section 12 stipulates that those providing such funds (“material support” defined in Section 3) “shall be liable as principal to any and all terrorist activities committed” by terrorists or terrorist organizations.

The alleged crimes of the telco companies could lead to imposition of life imprisonment penalty to owners of firms giving funds to the CPP, whether they were coerced to do so or not.

To know more about the alleged expose of Rigoberto Tiglao against the Communists and the Telecom Companies, just head on to the official website of Bobi Tiglao.

Source: Rigoberto Tiglao Official Website

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