Watch: Actress Pinky Amador Caught Cursing, Yelling at Hotel Staff Went Viral

Veteran actress Pinky Amador made headlines on social media after she was caught cursing, yeling and cursing at the staff of an unidentified hotel. The actress already issued an official statement regarding the incident and identified the hotel where the incident happened.

The said video was originally uploaded on June 5 and  already garnered more than 5 million video views on Facebook alone. The video showing Amador, wearing a mask, making a commotion while telling the staff that her life was in danger and accused the management of negligence.

Based on the viral video, it seems that Pinky Amador was furious at the hotel staff and the management because they're still not giving the documents she requested.

Some news reports, revealed that the actress was asking a circular of the hotel that they're accepting repatriated Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who were people under monitoring (PUM) of COVID-19.

Pinky Amador claimed on the viral video that the hotel management put her life in danger and she was possible exposed to COVID-19 because she's unaware that the establishment accepted PUMs.

The actress also told the hotel staff that she interacted with two PUMs during her stay in the said hotel.

“[You are] accepting OFWs here with no testing results. Sino? P——–mo! Gawin mo ngayon ‘yan, hindi ako aalis dito! P——–mo, pag ako nagkasakit, babayaran mo ba pang-ospital ko? Tagalan mo pa, p——–mo, kakaladkarin kita dito!” Amador said in the video.

When the staff told Amador that they’re only following orders, the actress told them that they should release the circular to prove it.

“Sandali, you let me speak! You piece of sh*t! What I am asking for is the circular that you emailed me, stating that you let the 59 OFWs inside here. You emailed that to me twice. And twice ako sumagot sa inyo, ‘Isabit niyo sa elevator.’ Yun ang usapan namin ni Architect… Ngayon, i-print mo na agad. Gawin mo na ngayon!” she said.

During the verbal commotion, one of the hotel staff urged Pinky Amador to relax and stop cursing them, however, the actress' emotion was uncontrollable already. "Mumurahin kita dahil buhay ko ang nakasalalay dito! Mga sinungaling kayo!"

Watch the Viral Video of Pinky Amador:

Source: Facebook

Watch: Actress Pinky Amador Caught Cursing, Yelling at Hotel Staff Went Viral Watch: Actress Pinky Amador Caught Cursing, Yelling at Hotel Staff Went Viral Reviewed by Phil Newsome on June 08, 2020 Rating: 5
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