Davaoeña's Open Letter to Kim Chiu: "Ikaw pa ang matapobre magsalita!"

A concerned netizen from Davao City criticized Kim Chiu on her earlier statement calling all her critics as 'trolls.' Kim Chiu also urged her followers not to respond to the comments of ABS-CBN critics.

The Davao City resident identified as Dianna Carmella Gellandarin Taganas wrote an Open Letter to Kim Chiu through Facebook as she criticized the actress or thinking lowly to her critics and just decided to disregard them.

Kim Chiu posted in Instagram, urging social media users to 'Starve a troll' by turning off their comment box. "Masyado na kayong yumayaman sa bahay!" Chu said.

According to the Open Letter of Taganas to Kim Chiu, people were just shrugging her posts until her recent post.

"People have been amused and engaging with your rants until suddenly your recent posts reek of condescension, treating people as inferiors. Honestly, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. So let me remind you, Kim," Taganas said.

Read Some Parts of Taganas' Open Letter to Kim Chiu:

First, believe it or not, there are actually many of us who don’t really care much for showbiz, who don’t teeter at the mere sight of a celeb, or who doesn’t have a dewy-eyed ambition of having a photo taken with them. We consider you as equals with jobs in the performing arts,”

If you say na ‘pinaghirapan ko kung anong naabot ko ngayon’, as if your job is more herculean than others, mahiya ka magfeeling superior, Kim. Parehas lang tayo lahat nagtatrabaho. Ikaw? I have witnessed better performances of students who don’t even major in arts, I tell you. Your stage performances (on national TV, no less) are an embarrassment if juxtaposed to a regular intrams performance. Tapos ginawa mong hanapbuhay at pagkakakitaan? What a joke,”

You began to EDUCATE us with the technicalities of your employer’s predicament:

“Law is law.” “May alam ka ba sa batas?” “May alam ka ba sa nagyayari ngayon?” “Alam nyo ba ang sinasabi nyo?” “So law. Ang ibig sabihin batas.” “May pito, o anim na prangkisa. Bakit abscbn lang ang ipinasara ng NTC?”

Then went on with the extraterrestrial classroom analogy. From which of course you later backpedalled, citing sheepishly, “Paggising ko trending na pala ako! Nadala lang sa emosyon. Sensya.” PALPAK.”

Naturally: nag damage control ka. “Okay lang yun, at least you’re being real” daw sabi sa post mo. Real? NAGING TOTOO ka lang kaya nasabi mo yung senseless classroom law? May graduation analogy ka na naman. Very good! Wrong! The fact na you are directing your anger to NTC more than the Congress shows your ignorance on the issue. And the reason na di ma approve ng Congress para (by your analogy) ‘naka-graduate’ ang network mo, is because the latter’s conditions in the renewal were contested since 2014, but listening to you, of course you don’t know that,” Taganas said.

“If you want to be the main man of collective indignation of ABS-CBN artists, have at it. Pero siguraduhin mong tama ang logic mo and NEVER be arrogant kay if brayt ka na by ABS-CBN’s standards, that’s too low a standard in THE REAL WORLD. Arrogant,”

Source: Facebook

Davaoeña's Open Letter to Kim Chiu: "Ikaw pa ang matapobre magsalita!" Davaoeña's Open Letter to Kim Chiu: "Ikaw pa ang matapobre magsalita!" Reviewed by Phil Newsome on May 16, 2020 Rating: 5
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