Must Watch: Mayor Isko Confronts Arrogant Jeepney Driver

The tough-talking City Mayor of Manila, Mayor Isko Moreno caught two traffic violators during his night roaming activities around Manila on Sunday but during the incident, the Mayor faces an arrogant driver who shouts at them.

Mayor Isko Moreno caught the attentions of some netizens after his usual roaming activities. While on his way to a public hospital, Mayor Isko Moreno caught an illegally parked jeepney.

The Manila City Mayor tried to ask the driver of the jeep to move, however, the latter showed a rude behavior and didn't quickly cooperate because he never notices that the Mayor itself was the one asking him to place his vehicle in the right place.

Mayor Isko was quoted as saying "Brad, brad baka gusto mong umabante? the Mayor asked the jeepney driver.

The driver replied "Eto na nga umaabante na nga eh!" the driver replied. The response of the driver irritated the Manila City Mayor, because it seems that the driver didn't like being called out for his traffic violation.

The Mayor then ordered his staff to apprehend the driver "Teka lang ha... matapang pa eh, hulihin mo nga chief," Moreno told one of his staff.

Mayor Isko Moreno then came out of his vehicle to personally confiscate the license of the driver who only scratches his head after he realized later one that the one who called him out was the Mayor of Manila.

"Pasensya ka na po sir," the driver told Mayor Isko. "Galit ka pa sa aking kanina eh," Mayor Moreno replied.

Aside from the said incident, Mayor Isko also confiscated the license of a delivery truck after they tried to u-turn in an undesignated area.

Watch How Mayor Isko Confronts the Driver:

Source: Mayor Isko Moreno FB Page

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