R. Tiglao Exposed How the US Fooled Del Rosario Into Losing Panatag, But Blames China

Veteran author and international political analyst Rigoberto Tiglao exposed one of the most interesting in the history of the Philippines involving the Scarborough Shoal as he revealed how the US fooled Albert del Rosario into losing the Panatag Shoal but continue to blame China for his mistakes.

According to R. Tiglao, former Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario's pathetic "look-I-am-bullied" publicity stunt last week to portray China as an Evil Empire, when he was not allowed to enter Hong Kong only exposed del Rosario's failures in losing the Scarborough Shoal in the year 2012.

The stand-off between the Chinese and the Philippine vessels in the crucial Scarborough Shoal lagoon for eight weeks and the withdrawal of the Philippines after allegedly being fooled by the Chinese to withdraw because the Chinese already agreed with the withdrawal was indeed a total failure for Del Rosario.

Del Rosario wanted to portray that the Chinese were bullies and for the people to think that we lost Scarborough because the Chinese reneged on an agreement for both side's vessels to withdraw from the shoal simultaneously but the fact remains that there was no such agreement.

Del Rosario was just fooled by US Assistant Secretary Kurt Campbell's claim that he got the Chinese to agree to withdraw their vessels from Panatag.

Due to the claimed agreement between the Philippines and China, the Philippines top foreign affairs officials, particularly del Rosario ordered our two vessels out of the shoal, the stand-off ended because one party had back down, the Philippines.

After the said incident the Chinese in sealed the shoal's crucial lagoon and the Philippines lost a piece of the territory to the Chinese for the first time because of Pres. Noynoy Aquino's administration's bungling.

According to Tiglao it was Del Rosario's inexperience in foreign-affairs matters, his gullibility, or his unquestioning trust in the US that made him believe Campbell, and so lose Philippine territory.

Since that time no Filipino government ship has been able to enter the shoal, now occupied by Chinese government civilian vessels in duty-rotation, as well as by Chinese fishing boats.

China has imposed a 15-nautical mile restriction perimeter around the shoal, and prevents any vessel from going into the shoal’s lagoon without its permission.

To know more about the expose of Rigoberto Tiglao, just head on to the official website of The Manila Times.

Source: The Manila Times

R. Tiglao Exposed How the US Fooled Del Rosario Into Losing Panatag, But Blames China R. Tiglao Exposed How the US Fooled Del Rosario Into Losing Panatag, But Blames China Reviewed by Phil Newsome on June 24, 2019 Rating: 5
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