Netizen Reveals KAPA Founder Pastor Joel Apolinario as Fake Pastor

A concerned netizen who identified himself as Primo Onipa made some revelations on social media that the controversial KAPA Founder Pastor Joel Apolinario is a Fake Pastor. Pastor Joel Apolinario became the latest religious leader who became a hot topic in the Philippines for his KAPA Ministry.

According to the information shared by the concerned netizen, KAPA Founder is a former Radio Technician in Bislig, Surigao. He resigned from his former job and founded a small carinderia wherein he named it KAPA or Kabus Padatuon.

From a small carenderia, Joel Apolinario founded an investment scheme and convince the people of Bislig to invest in his business. The authorities in Bislig, Surigao discovered that the investment scheme of Apolinario lacks all the necessary permit and operating an illegal scheme.

Due to the alleged illegal activities of Apolinario he faced vaious cases in Bislig and was even declared as "persona non grata," in Surigao. The alleged Pastor then went into hiding but later on resurfaced anew and open an investment and religious group in Alabal, Sarangani. He was able to convince some following and investors.

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According to reports, the money received by Apolinario from his newly-recruited members were also the money used in the pay-out of older members. The alleged Pastor had only few businesses and some of them were even not registered and operating illegally.

The 30% interest promised by Apolinario were indeed not enough to sustain the pay-out on his investment activities which he dubbed only as donations.

The Mayor of Bislig City, Mayor Librado C. Navarro stated in an interview that he will surely run after Joel Apolinario because of the fact that Apolinario came from Bislig and he is indeed a shame for the city as he don't want Bislig to be known as the origin of illegal investment schemes.

A veteran Cebu Daily News journalist also revealed in one of column that the alleged existence of KAPA or 6 years as some wanted to project is not true.

Based on records, KAPA was registered with SEC on March 3, 2017 with registration number CN 201707724. It started as Kapa Coop Convenience Store and General Merchandise in 2016 in Bislig City, but it was closed for non compliance of the law and soliciting investments with a promise to return the principal amount plus 30 percent interest per month.

Watch the Interview with Mayor Librado Navarro:

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