Gibo Teodoro Challenges Priests to Run for Public Office

Former Defense Secretary Gilberto "Gibo" Teodoro made headlines on social media after his commentary challenging the Roman Catholic Church leadership to join politics went viral on Facebook.

The former Presidential candidate, Gibo Teodoro challenge priests to run for public office, if a "Catholic Vote" is indeed acceptable and they should register first as a political party or found one.

According to Teodoro, in his opinion, priests running for public office after numerous calls made by the Roman Catholic leaders criticizing the leadership of the Duterte administration.

The original post of Gibo Teodoro on Facebook elicited numerous reactions from netizens and gains some sympathies among the supporters of Pres. Rody Duterte. The post already garnered more than 1K Likes and 400 shares.

Read the Complete Statement of Gilberto Teodoro:

If a “Catholic Vote” is acceptable then why is the Church not registering as a political party or founding one? Why then don’t priests run for public office. It is my opinion, and I stress my OPINION, that such acts are contrary to the fundamental beliefs of the Catholic faith.

As a matter of Faith which the Church must minister to is the strengthening of ones belief in God and in Jesus Christ, especially the Gospel which teaches that faith is Supreme. Faith can never be the product of or the supposed core of a partisan political act.

On the contrary a public call for a partisan act such as a vote in an election which directly assists a candidate or a group of candidates is using faith in vain for a human political purpose and therefore it is pharisaical. Lets keep God and Jesus Christ in our souls and leave politics for our temporal issues.

Source: Gilberto Teodoro FB Page

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