Nicko Falcis Burns Kris Aquino by Exposing Her Instructions to Fund Anti-Duterte Bloggers

Nicko Falcis the estranged business partner and financial manager of Kris Aquino burned down the famous celebrity by exposing how Aquino instructed Falcis to allegedly find and fund Anti-Duterte bloggers in favor of the Aquino Family's political party.

Kris Aquino took to social media as she admitted that she gave Nicko Falcis money to boost, with zero knowledge of his brother, when his brother went to Congress to protect Noynoy from all trolls.

The reason why Aquino gave Falcis the money to boost her social media campaign defending her brother from troll was due to the fact Noynoy Aquino doesn't like social media so she made some secret negotiations to defend her brother from troll attacks.

Here's the Complete Statement of Kris Aquino:

In case burahin: airport bound, @stevearaq the unvarnished truth: i gave nicko money to boost, with zero knowledge of my brother, when my brother went to Congress to protect him from all trolls. Why? Para makabawi.... Because i was negotiating several contracts and didn't want to go w/ him to the Sandiganbayan. i lacked courage to stand with him. i knew ayaw niya yun (social media campaigns, he is an idealist) so palihim kong ginawa. That's why my brother were always clear-kaibigan ko si Bong Go, hindi ko kaaway ang mga Duterte, never attack the Duterte family especially Kitty, walal aong issue sa Marcos children, katuwang ko si bongbong sa kasal ni toni & paul, law firm ni liza marcos and nag handle ng nagpanalo ng annulment ko. Now with all the issues-siempre ang hinala ko baka nabulsa din yung pondo. i have zero political aspirations so this is the 1st & last i shall address this. Tantanan na ko-i'm also impossible dreamer i dream of becoming an Oprah not a Trump.

The statement of Kris Aquino on social media reached the camp of Nicko Falcis who answered the allegations and statement released by Kris Aquino and burned down the powerful and influential figure in the Philippines.

Here's how Nicko Falcis Burned Down Kris Aquino:

"You specific instruction were to identify anti-administration/anti-dds blogs and give them funds to protect your 'queendom' through fb boosts. In addition to the Kris Aquino FB Page. I boosted Jover Laurio's Pinoy Aako Blog page as an advertiser because YOU introduced her to me. Jover magically appeared in YOUR HOUSE when we were in a meeting. You told me you will give me cash so that there will be no paper trail, I used the cash you gave me properly, every peso and centavo. Remember, I'm accountant, so there's proper FB documentation. there is no way that 'baka may nabulsa sa pondo.' I never stole from you, and you have know that I have receipts of the boostings, but you never bothered to review them, including all the reports and updates.

Please stop this bullying against my family and I. We refuse to be your victims.

Source: Facebook

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