VM Pulong Duterte Expose Alleged People, Companies & Organizations Behind Pres. Duterte's Ouster Plot

Former Vice Mayor of Davao City and Presidential son Paolo "Pulong" Duterte exposed the alleged people, companies, and organizations behind the controversial ouster plot against President Rody Duterte.

According to Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte, there are companies, people and organizations who were allegedly united to plot the ouster of the duly-elected President of the Republic and are behind the destabilization plot so they can be brought back to power.

The expose of Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte came out on social media after his recent victory against Sen. Antonio Trillanes who was ordered arrested in connection with the libel case Duterte filed against the senator. 

Sen. Trillanes accused Duterte of being part of a narcotic syndicate during the height of the controversial Senate Hearing on the billions of shabu shipment that entered the Philippines through the Bureau of Customs.

Here's the List of Organizations and Names Included in the Excel Sheet Bared by Pulong Duterte:

Civil Society Groups:
Movement Against Tyranny
Tindig Pilipinas

CBCB/Opus Dei:
Francisco “Kit” Tatad
Bishop Broderick Pabilo
Bishop Leo M. Drona
Bishop Antonio Realubin Tobias
Bishop Deogracias Iniguez
Bishop (Emeritus) Julo Xavier Labayan
Bishop Pablo Virgilio David
Bishop Arturo Santos
Don Ramon Pedrosa and his wife Carmen, PAGCOR Director
Millennial students studying at Jesuit-run schools

Opus Dei (Funds):
Imelda Nicolas (PHP 1b)
PAGCOR Dir. Carmen Pedrosa

People’s Organizations/Business Community:
Jollibee Food Corp
Dole Phils.
Philsaga Mining Corp.
General Tuna Corp.
Sumi Phils Wiring System.

Leftist(RA & RJ-AKBAYAN 3RD Bloc)
Retired General Victor Corpuz
Retired General Cunanan
Retired General Jampe

Government Officials-Yellow Group:
Jejomar Binay
Norberto Gonzales
Acting Chief Justice Antonio Carpio
Randy David
Francisco Kit Tatad
Jim Paredes

Media ABB/PDI/Rappler:
Marie Ressa
Ellen Tordesillas
Ed Lingao

Hyatt 10:
Dinky Soliman
Florencio Abad
Allan Purisima
Marvic Leonen
Paquito Ochoa
Teresita “Ging” Deles
Juan Santos
Alberto Lina
Guillermo Parayno
Leila De Lima
Ronald Lamas
Sen. Risa Hontiveros
Former CJ Hilario Davide

United Opposition:
Vice President Leni Robredo
Pulong Duterte even listed the possible meeting places of the said united opposition some are universities, restaurants, and hotels.

Meeting Venues:
Maryhill School of Theology in New Manila Q.C
Club Filipino
Alfredo’s Restaurant
Annabelle’s Restaurant
UP Hotel
Sulu Hotel
Rembrandt Hotel

The former Vice Mayor of Davao City did not revealed the sources of his information and excel sheets presented on his official Facebook Page, but he was confident by the list given to him.

Since the year 2016, or during the assumption of Pres. Rody Duterte as the country's chief executive, some groups are planning to oust the President an put Vice Pres. Leni Robredo in power.

Pres. Duterte even revealed that international businesswoman and one of the world's richest woman, Loida Nicolas Lewis, as one of the people involved the ouster plot. In the recent expose of VM Duterte, Lewis was also included as one of the ouster plot's backer.

Source: Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte FB Page

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