Jay Sonza to PNP: "Trabaho Na Ba Ng Pulis Ang Mang Ambush?"

Veteran broadcast journalist and prominent social media personality, Jay Sonza condemned the brutal killing of Richard Red Santillan, the bodyguard of controversial lawyer and senatorial bet Atty. Glenn Chong.

Based on initial investigation the car driven by Red Santillan who is also owned by Atty. Glenn Chong was bombarded with bullets allegedly by some elements from Cainta and Rizal PNP. Aside from the untimely death of Red Santillan, one of his companion was also pronounced dead.

The report of the attacked on Atty. Glenn Chong's bodyguard caught the attentions of veteran journalist Jay Sonza who lambasted the incident involving some members of the Philippine National Police.

Jay Sonza even asked whether the job of the police right now is to attacked a civilian through an ambush. The Police also noted in an initial investigations that the incident was just a mistaken identity.

The statement of the PNP that the incident was just a mistaken identity further raised eyebrows of Jay Sonza as he asked about the real target of the attacker. There's a huge posssibility that Red Santillan is not the target but his boss, Atty. Glenn Chong.

The statement of the police should be clarified about the mistaken identity because it could be misunderstood and people will think that Atty. Chong is the real target.

Here's the Complete Statement of Jay Sonza:

trabaho na ba ng pulis ngayon ang mang ambush?
sabi ng pulis mistaken identity ang nangyaring panamambang kay richard Santillan, man Friday ni Atty. Glen Chong.
ibig bang sabihin ang target ng mga pulis na nanambang ay mismong si Atty. Chong?
PNP paki linaw lang po.
uulitin ko lang po ang tanong.
trabaho na ba ng pulis ang mang ambush?

In a follow-up post, Jay Sonza called the attentions of Rizal and Cainta Police and explain the reason why they ambush-murder Richard Santillan. It is indeed obvious according to the veteran journalist, evidences were allegedly planted also to mislead the public.

Source: Jay Sonza FB Page

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