Netizens Reacts on DOJ's Decision to Indict Rappler & Maria Ressa for Tax Evasion

Netizens took to social media as they reacted on the news article about the decision of the Department of Justice to indict Rappler Holdings, the parent company of Rappler Inc., and its President Maria Ressa for an alleged tax evasion charges.

The Department of Justice found probable cause to indict Maria Ressa, Rappler Holdings and the company's accountant Noel Baladiang for alleged involvement in tax evasion charges.

The news about the indictment of Maria Ressa, one of the most vocal critics of the Dutere administration among the media personalities in the country was well received on social media as hundreds of Duterte supporters shared their reactions on social media.

According to the some netizens, Rappler and their reporters will surely made headlines that democracy once again died in the Philippines because of the DOJ's news despite the fact that a few hours ago, they lauded the government for having a working democracy after news report came out about the decision of Sandiganbayan to convict Imelda Marcos after 27 years of trials.

The tax evasion case against Rappler caught the netizens attentions and one of them is Joel Tan who commented that Rappler could be busy on their fact checking job with Facebook and discrediting the Duterte admin, therefore they forgot to pay their taxes on time.

Here's Some of the Most Controversial Comments Against Rappler:

Tan S Joel: Bisi ang Rappler sa Fact Checking sa FB at paninira kay Digong kaya nakalimutan nilang magbayad ng Tax. Sorry daw po sabi ni Rissa at Spo4.

Coldovero Rhea Fe: Tibong wat the great day hay tamsi gid hahahahaha miresi nyo yan dalawa palang kau bias media ung isa ndi na pde mag renew democrazy yellow babies zombie dead hahaha.

Nasser Amparna: Imelda Marcos case: DEMOCRACY IS ALIVE.
Rappler case: DEMOCRQCY IS DEAD.
Ano ba talaga..

Enrique S. De Leon: Atleast mababawasan ang fake!! Pati organization nila fake ang company,result is filing of case now to Rsppler tsk tsk

Onad Padilla Valbuena II: Yari.. kelan lng sinabe ng pangulo ang hindi pgpapalusot ng renewal ng abscbn ngaun nmn rissa ng rappler.. patay ang demokrasya.. pana panahon lng tlga..

Anthony Aryerepp: Yn tama yn di nag bbyad ng tax n tama hlos 50 percnt s pinas gnyn gawa o lmpas pa iwas tax kung lhat mg byad ng tama tax mdming pera s pinas.

Source: PTVNews

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