DFA Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr. Burns Senatorial Bet Erin Tañada for Criticizing Pres. Duterte on Customss Issue

Newly designated Foreign Affairs Secretary replacing Sec. Alan Peter Cayetano, former Makati City Representative Teddy Locsin Jr., burned down senatorial bet Erin Tañada for spreading false information on social media.

The senatorial bet of the Liberal Party, Lorenzo "Erin" Reyes Tañada III is a Filipino lawyer broadcaster, and human rights and labor rights advocate who has served as a Deputy Speaker of the Philippine House of Representatives.

Erin Tañada made headlines when he posted a commetary on social media about the decision of Pres. Rody Duterte to field military officers to the BOC in order to solve the rampant problems of corruption inside the agency.

The LP senatorial bet posted: "I wonder how many employees of the Bureau of Customs were killed or have died for Malacanang to have declared 'a state of lawlessless' & 'state of lawless violence' in the BoC. Is the BoC paralyzed & not functioning? It is UCONSTITUTIONAL! NO to MILITARIZATION of BOC!"

The statement of Tañada caught the attentions of DFA Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr. who is also very active on Twitter as he burned down Tañada and lectured the veteran lawyer and lawmaker.

Sec. Locsin tweeted "Erin. Militarizing the BOC means ending 70 years of ordinary corruption civilian monopoly of the bureau. Now we shall try what is still essentially a civilian takeover because soldiers are still civilians but with iron spines and a lot more integrity." Locsin responded to Tañada's tweet.

Netizens also responded to the controversial statement of Erin Tañada as they slammed the LP-alligned lawmaker for his statement against the President's decision on how the handle the crisis inside the BOC which is under his command as the country's chief executive.

Here's Some of the Comments Against Tañada:

Odette Dequito-Javier: Puro kontra ang mga hinayupak na dilawan wala namang maibigay na alternative solution to fight corruption.

Roger Regina Espinar Wala akong respito sa mga apelyedo ng mga pamilya ni tanada diokno saguisag salonga at aquino dahil pinayagan nilang babuyin ni cory ang ating bayan malagay lang sila sa pwesto ng kapangyarihan at mga idiotikong pilipno lang ang boboto sa mga animal na yan tama na tigilan na ang katangahan gising.

Norwin Lachica Dela Cruz And going by the same argument, why is your ilk filing those stupid cases at the ICC--have our courts stopped functioning and unable or unwilling to try cases against so-called EJKs??? Sagot, Erin, nang malaman if you have even a tinge of Lorenzo Tañada's esteemed principles in your veins or that you're just a mere pawn of your LP principals!!!

Genevieve Icawalo Ortiz His last name is the only thing he has going for him. Other than that, nada. Just like Pnoy, Diokno, etc. Nabuhay sa pulitika dahil sa patay.

Jerome Patagnan if youre raising an issue without offering a solution youre just simply a nuisance.

Mae Arcangel Kaya puro kontra ang dilawang mga ugok kc malamang sa malamang na mapupurnada na un mga pananabotahe nla kay digong at mapupurnada na din un mga ibng gawain nila sa loob... Pwede ba tangang tañada dont us.

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DFA Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr. Burns Senatorial Bet Erin Tañada for Criticizing Pres. Duterte on Customss Issue DFA Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr. Burns Senatorial Bet Erin Tañada for Criticizing Pres. Duterte on Customss Issue Reviewed by Phil Newsome on November 02, 2018 Rating: 5
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