Must Watch: Confession of Jimmy Guban About the P6.8-Billion Shabu Shipment (Video)

Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman Senator Richard "Dick" Gordon posted a video of the controversial confession of Bureau of Customs (BOC) employee Jimmy Guban about the P6.8-Billion Shabu Shipment that entered the Philippines a few months ago.

During the Senate Inquiry, Sen. Richard Gordon asked former PNP Officer and dismissed Senior Supt. Eduardo Acierto asked his relationship with resigned Customs Intelligence officer Jimmy Guban.

The alleged head of the newly-released drugs matrix of Pres. Duterte, Colonel Eduardo Acierto admitted that he knew Guban because he is his former classmate and they are working together.

Watch the Expose of Jimmy Guban Against Col. Acierto:

Sen. Gordon then proceed to asked Jimmy Guban if he is ready to reveal everything about the alleged P6.8 billion shabu shipment and he concurred with Gordon's statement.

According to Jimmy Guban it was Col. Acierto who was the one who brought in the drugs, despite the fact that Guban already knew that the first shipment contained drugs, in which he agreed.

Jimmy Guban also admitted that in the second shipment he was ordered by Acierto to look for a consignee for hire to let the second shipment enter the country. The consignee was identified by Guban as SMYD, allegedly owned by Ms. Signapan but he is not the real owner of the consignee, as he revealed the name of the owner as Meg Santos.

The SMYD consignee is also a regular customers of the BOC as confirmed by Guban because according to him he worked with the agency for more than 16 years. When Guban was asked about how much Col. Acierto gave him as commission, he replied by saying "almost P15,000 per lata."

Guban admitted during the hearing that it was Col. Acierto who directed the operations of the illegal drugs shipment withe the coordination possible of all the Customs including Meg Santos, Signapan and all the person Guban revealed during the hearing.

Sen. Gordon also stated during the hearing that "You know, I am trying to help you guys. Ana all I am getting here is a comedy of errors. It's a comedy that shows the Customs whom I regard highly especially under your leadership. I will pray for you, you, you and all of you. I will pray for truth and justice and safety for our people who are getting in drugs.

Source: Sen. Richard Gordon FB Page

Must Watch: Confession of Jimmy Guban About the P6.8-Billion Shabu Shipment (Video) Must Watch: Confession of Jimmy Guban About the P6.8-Billion Shabu Shipment (Video) Reviewed by Phil Newsome on October 21, 2018 Rating: 5
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