Mayor Sara Duterte Calls ACT-Teachers Partylist as Terrorist & Liars

Presidential daughter and the local chief executive of Davao City dubbed ACT-Teachers Partylist as a terrorist group and liars for spreading some fake news about Davao City. The statement of Mayor Sara was posted on social media by Mocha Uson on her blog.

Based upon the screenshot posted by Mocha Uson on Facebook, the ACT-Teachers Davao accused the administration of Mayor Sara Duterte as the only big city in the Philippines that do not give allowances to teachers.

The controversial statement of ACT-Teachers Davao, a local affiliate of ACT-Teachers partylist reached the desk of Mayor Sara Duterte as she called out the controversial partylist as not only terrorists and supporters of terrorists but also liars.

Mayor Duterte also revealed that last December 2016 and 2017, the City Government of Davao gave gift cheques worth Php 2,000/person/year to all teaching and non-teaching employees of DepEd. The mayor noted that they have copies of the budget, pictures of ddistribution and liquidation with all signatures.

Mayor Sara Duterte added further that "Pahirapan pa nga magpa approve ng grant ninyo at kami pa ang nasa alanganin and you have the temerity to lie. Kung puwede lang sana kayo iexpel outside of Davao City. I waited for your paper and yet you always keep missing opportunities for unity, because you are never sincere." Mayor Duterte stated.

The Davao City Mayor also suggested that DepEd should dismiss terrorists from their ranks, because it is indeed ironic for government to pay public money to people who worked against the government. Congress should expel the members of Makabayan bloc, the Partylist system is the milking cow of terrorists according to Mayor Duterte.

Source: Mocha Uson Blog FB Page / Instagram 

Mayor Sara Duterte Calls ACT-Teachers Partylist as Terrorist & Liars Mayor Sara Duterte Calls ACT-Teachers Partylist as Terrorist & Liars Reviewed by Phil Newsome on October 08, 2018 Rating: 5
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