Job Opportunities (Hiring): 50,000 Skilled Workers Needed in Japan

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced job opportunities in Japan as the country is now opening its doors to at least 50,000 skilled workers from the Philippines who will have a chance to get employed in their country in the next six years once PM Abe finalizes new rules to give temporary residence to foreign manual laborers.

The statement of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was also confirmed by Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines, Ambassador Koji Haneda who revealed also that Japan's parliament is set to deliberate during its extraordinary session in autumn on the creation of a new residency status.

The status, Ambassador Haneda stated that the status would allow foreign workers in a wider range of industries to stay for five years in Japan.

Ambassador Haneda was quoted as saying "While we are waiting for the rules and regulations of this new scheme to be released, I personally estimate more than 50,000 workers from the Philippines will come to work in Japan with this new work permit by 2025," Haneda said.

Expected to be hired from the Philippines are nursing, farming, construction, hospitality and shipbuilding industries according to the announcement from the Japanese government.

“In order to accept more foreign workers in Japan, we will create a new residency status for foreign workers with a certain level of expertise or skill from next year,” Haneda said.

He explained the Philippines and Japan have three defining aspects in their economic partnership which are the cooperation in infrastructure development, mutually beneficial trade policies and “people-to-people ties.”

“In this area, Japan and the Philippines can form truly mutually complementary relations. Japan faces an aging society and lacks labor force while the Philippines is abundant with young labor force with great potential,” he said.

“Filipino workers are expected to help Japan address the issues arising from aging society. Japan can provide qualified Filipino workers with job opportunities,” the ambassador added.

Ambassador Haneda also cited that Japan's announcement would welcome over 500,000 foreign workers between 2019 and 2025 to help fill the labor shortage in the face of Japan's aging population and the need to increase its potential growth rate.

Based upon the statistics, there are at least 153,600 are from the Philippines or 12 percent of the international labor force. They belongs to highly specialized fields, such as engineering and the academe. With the recent development, the new program will allow one out of ten job openings starting summer of 2019 will be filled by a Filipino.


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